Transform Your Eyes with Ardell’s Iconic Demi Wispies False Eyelashes


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Experience the transformative power of false eyelashes with Ardell’s iconic Demi Wispies. These falsies feature a wispy, fanned-out design that adds subtle length and volume for a natural yet glamorous look. Keep reading to learn why Demi Wispies have been a best-selling lash style for decades!

Fluttery, Feathery Falsies Flatter Your Eyes

Demi Wispies feature a staggered design that is shorter in the inner corners and elongates toward the outer edges. This creates a beautiful, fanned effect that flatters all eye shapes. The delicate wispy strands are arranged in multiple lightweight layers that add lush volume without being over the top.

When applied properly, the lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes for a soft, fluttery look. It’s fuller and more eye-opening than your natural set, but still appears natural instead of costumey. The flared demi style works with both dramatic smoky eyes and soft daytime makeup.

Get Gorgeous Eyes in Minutes with Easy Application

Even lash newbies can apply Demi Wispies flawlessly in minutes! This multi-pack comes with Ardell’s Precision Lash Applicator, which makes applying falsies quick and easy.

The applicator features soft rubber grips that give you ultimate control over lash placement. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable, steady hold. Simply grip the applicator and use the pointed tips to set the lash band right against your natural lash line.

The wispy Demi style consists of lightweight strands, so you’ll barely feel you’re wearing falsies. The flexible lash band conforms to the natural curve of your eye for a seamless fit. Once applied properly, Demi Wispies feel comfortable all day and night long. No need for readjustments.

Reuse Your Falsies to Maximize Value

This convenient multi-pack contains 6 pairs of Demi Wispies, so you can alternate pairs between wears. This allows the glue to fully dry out between uses so you can gently peel the bands off intact.

With proper care, you can get multiple wears out of each lash pair. Avoid applying thick coats of mascara directly on the falsies, as this can cause clumping and breakage over time. Lightly apply mascara just to blend your natural lashes with the falsies.

At just $$ for 6 pairs, this works out to just $$ per set. Considering you can reuse lashes up to 5-10 times with proper care, Demi Wispies provide amazing value compared to pricier falsie options.

Featherlight Wisps Enhance Eyes Safely

The soft, flexible strands are made of synthetic fibers, so you don’t have to worry about ethical sourcing. Ardell never tests products on animals, making Demi Wispies a cruelty-free choice you can feel good about.

The falsies and latex-free adhesive within this kit are free of harsh chemicals that could irritate eyes or skin. Those with sensitive eyes can wear Demi Wispies comfortably all day.

The lightweight wispy design also reduces eye strain compared to heavier, bulkier false lashes. You may even forget you’re wearing falsies! Yet Demi Wispies make a noticeable difference in opening up and enhancing your eyes.

An Alluring, Everyday Falsie Style from Lash Experts

With over 50 years of experience crafting false eyelashes, Ardell is the authority in faux lashes. Ardell’s founder was the first to create affordable, fashion-forward false lashes made with innovative synthetic fibers.

Today the company carries on that tradition of lash innovation and quality. Demi Wispies remain a bestseller because this style expertly embodies subtle glamour. The fluttery wings add allure without going over-the-top.

Demi Wispies suit any occasion, from everyday wear to special events. They beautifully complement both dramatic looks and soft, delicate makeup. Experience this iconic lash style yourself and see why Demi Wispies are the perfect flirty, fluttery falsies!


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