Spark Up Your Little Girl’s Style with 2200 Adorable Mini Elastic Hair Bands!


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Give your cute little princess the ultimate hair accessory kit for creating fabulous hairstyles and unleashing her inner stylista! This amazing set from Auroray includes 2200 mini elastic hair bands in 24 vibrant colors that will make any toddler or young girl squeal with delight.

With a massive selection of colors from ruby red and bubblegum pink to sunny yellow and ocean blue, you get a rainbow of options for matching any outfit or creating fun colorful hairdos. The bands are made of stretchy, durable rubber that gently holds hair in place without pulling or damage. Each measures 2 mm wide, ideal for securing thin or thick hair alike into perfect ponytails, braids, and more!

Bring Out Her Inner Stylist with Fun DIY Hairdos

The included hair tools like the Topsy Tail styling tool and rat tail comb make it easy for little hands to create elaborate hair creations all by themselves. Simply loop ponytails through the Topsy Tail’s round hole to instantly get an inside-out braided look. Use the tail comb’s fine teeth to section hair and weave intricate braid patterns.

With so many elastics to work with, you can design unique looks daily without repeating! Use multiple bands to make fun scrunchies, changing up the color order. Or intersine bands of alternating hues into braids for a rainbow effect. Let her personality shine through with hair accessories that are as vibrant and playful as she is!

Made to Be Gentle on Delicate Hair

The comfortable elastic bands are made of premium rubber that provides flexibility without pulling on hair. Unlike traditional metal clips and tight ties, these won’t scrape tender scalps or get tangled in fine hair. The smooth rubber gently keeps hairstyles neat and tidy while avoiding damage, breakage, and ouchie snags.

Thinner than standard hair bands at just 2 mm wide, they give a secure hold without leaving kinks behind. For extra thick or curly hair, simply double them up for a tighter grip. And when playtime is over, the bands slide out painlessly without painful tugs!

Perfect Storage for Carefree, Tangle-Free Access

Keep this mega collection tidy and organized with the included plastic detachable box with compartments. Each vibrant band color has its own slot so you can easily find the perfect shade. No more digging blindly through a jumbled rubber band ball or messy drawer!

The compartments also allow air circulation so the bands retain optimum stretchiness. And they won’t get distorted or warped by rubber bands sticking together like they would loose in a bag or pouch. Simply pop open the lid and slide out your chosen color anytime inspiration strikes!

Safely Remove Stretched Out Bands with Ease

With the included rubber band cutter tool, you can safely remove bands once they lose their stretch and elasticity. Just insert the tip under the band and make a small cut. The band will snap easily, protecting tiny fingers from getting pinched by bands with too much tension. Dispose of the snipped band and replace it with a fresh tight one!

Endless Styling Possibilities for All Hair Types

Unleash your mini-stylist’s creativity and keep her hair frustrations at bay with this amazing all-in-one hair accessory kit. The rainbow of colors works beautifully on any hair type including:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Long
  • Short
  • Fine
  • Coarse

Give her the freedom to design a unique look for any occasion, from playdates and school to parties and holidays. With enough elastics to share with friends, she’ll love playing salon and creating hair masterpieces.

The storage box with compartments makes it easy to keep the collection tidy in her room, backpack or on the go. Let her creativity run wild without the mess and hassle!

Bundle Her Hair Accessories and Save!

Get an incredible value on everything your mini stylist needs to keep her hair on point no matter where the day takes her. This jam-packed kit includes:

  • 2200 mini elastics in 24 colors
  • Detachable storage box with color compartments
  • Topsy Tail styling tool
  • Rat tail comb
  • Rubber band cutter

With enough elastics to share with friends and tools to create unique styles, this set has it all! Let down her hair and unleash bold hair designs, rainbow patterns, and looks she can dream up daily.

Give Her Endless Hairstyling Fun with Auroray’s Mini Elastic Collection!


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