Slowly Smooth Silky Skin with These Suave Strip Scrubs – No More Prickly Stubble!


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You want soft, sleek skin that stays smooth for weeks? We have the solution – our superior wax strips swiftly sweep away stray strands for stunning, stubble-free skin! Made with gentle yet effective materials, these strips are a splendid spa-like treatment you can take anywhere. No more nicks, cuts or irritation from shaving – just simple, easy hair removal that banishes bristles for up to 4 weeks!

Strip Away Unwanted Hair with Serene, Soothing Warmth

Tired of tedious shaving that only keeps skin bare for days? Our wax strips offer a soothing, warm way to erase embarrassing hair growth for nearly a month! Just apply our special sugar paste or your desired wax, let it cool slightly and firmly press a strip over the area. Then pull off in a quick motion against the direction of hair growth. The gentle adhesive and soft cloth easily lifts strands without tugging skin. Kiss prickly regrowth goodbye for weeks thanks to specially designed materials that remove hair from the root. Forget about stubble after just a few days – enjoy lasting, luxurious softness and sheen with every use!

Customizable Comfort for All Body Zones

Waxing can be daunting and awkward when needing to reach hard to access spots. Our strips take the struggle out of DIY depilation! Carefully constructed with premium non-woven fleece, these strips tear easily for perfect shaping on any area. Make a small patch for precise work around brows, upper lip or chin. Trim strips to ideal sizes for smoothly stripping legs, underarms, chest, back, bikini zone and other large zones. The soft cloth is gentle enough for delicate facial skin but durable for coarser areas. Customize your hair removal so no patch goes untouched for lovely, hairless luminosity!

Serene the Skin, Skip the Salon

Want to save your skin and your money? Ditch pricey salon visits and handle waxing from home with our helpful strips. No more prying eyes as you uncomfortably disrobe at crowded spas! The thick, high quality fleece offers the same gentle adhesive abilities as professional strips. Simply cleanse and dry the skin, apply your preferred wax, allow to cool slightly and press a strip on firmly. Then pull off quickly against the direction of hair growth. Rinse any residue and enjoy pristine, polished skin. Our handy strips bring the luxurious salon experience home for greater comfort and privacy.

Savvy Selection for Sensitive Areas

Worried about using wax on easily aggravated skin? Our innovative strips are specially designed for delicate zones like the bikini line, underarms and face. The soft, pliable fleece material gently grips each hair without clinging to skin or causing irritation. Even frequent use won’t dry out or damage sensitive areas prone to bumps or ingrown hairs. The soothing cloth strips lift away unwanted hair smoothly, leaving zero redness or bumps behind. Treat even the most delicate areas to comfortable wax hair removal that unveils silky, flawless skin.

Bye Bye Stubble, Hello Satiny Skin!

Want weeks of hairless Heaven after a few minutes of waxing? Grab our amazing wax strips for salon quality smoothness at home! The premium cloth and sticky wax combo swiftly removes the smallest hairs, leaving nothing behind to create those dreaded dark dots and bumps. Each use banishes every bristle, so you can flaunt fabulous bare skin for nearly a month. No more scratchy regrowth after just days – enjoy lushly soft, utterly hairless skin that feels divinely touchable. Our simple yet effective strips deliver professional depilation results for unbelievably smooth, sexy skin!

How To Use:

Clean and dry the area to remove hair from. Make sure no oils, lotions or makeup are present. Trim any long hairs.
Cut strips to fit smaller areas like face, brows, upper lip. Use full size strips for legs, arms, back.
Apply wax product of choice in direction of hair growth. Allow to cool slightly before applying strip.
Place strip over wax and press firmly to adhere. Then pull strip off quickly against hair growth.
Repeat as needed for full hair removal. Use multiple strips if required.
Rinse any residue. Skin may be slightly pink but should not be painful. Avoid sun exposure immediately after.
Hair should not regrow for 3-4 weeks. Exfoliate between uses to prevent ingrown hairs.

You’ll Love How Our Strips:

Erase hair for up to 4 weeks with no stubble
Use with any warm/hot wax or sugar paste
Customizable sizes for all body parts
Suitable for delicate facial skin
Easy and reusable
salon quality smoothness at home
Soothing, warm hair removal
No cuts, nicks or irritation
Treat yourself to spa-caliber smoothness with our incredible wax strips! Stock up today and say so long to scruffy, abrasive regrowth. Hello weeks of sexy, touchably soft bare skin!


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