Sassy Lash Disposable Mascara Wands – 300 Pack Professional Eyelash Applicators for Bold Beautiful Lashes


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Give your lashes the star treatment with Sassy Lash Disposable Mascara Wands. Our professional quality eyelash applicators make applying mascara mess-free and easy for gorgeous, fanned out lashes every time.

Perfectly Designed for Maximum Lash Separation

The unique design of Sassy Lash wands delivers the perfect amount of mascara to each lash for buildable volume without clumping or globs. The bristles are strategically spaced to comb through lashes and coat each one individually. The firm yet flexible plastic wand allows you to maneuver the brush at just the right angles to reach every tiny lash from base to tip for complete coverage.

Salon Quality Eyelash Applicators

Sassy Lash wands are made from quality materials that meet salon standards. The spoolie handles are crafted from smooth, durable plastic that provides a comfortable grip. The densely packed microfiber bristles are ultra soft to prevent poking or scratching the delicate eye area. The bristles are securely attached to the handle to prevent shedding.

Hygienic Disposable Mascara Wands

Sharing makeup can spread bacteria and cause eye infections. Sassy Lash mascara wands are single use so you can apply freshly coated wands to each eye for the most hygienic application. Dispose of wands after each use and enjoy a new clean applicator every time.

Multi-Purpose Makeup Applicators

Sassy Lash wands aren’t just for mascara! Use them to:

  • Apply brow gel for groomed brows
  • Brush on lash primer before mascara
  • Separate lashes after applying mascara
  • Apply castor oil for conditioning lashes
  • Groom unruly brows into place

Eyelash Extension Supplies

These disposable mascara wands work great when applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Use a fresh applicator to apply glue to new extensions for more control. The firm handle makes it easy to isolate a single lash for precise glue placement.

Take Them Anywhere

Stash these ultra slim mascara wands in your purse, gym bag, luggage or makeup kit for beautiful lashes on the go. The plastic applicators are durable for travel. Slip a few in your pocket for quick touch ups.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our mascara wands 100%. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return unused applicators for a full refund or replacement. We want you to love your lashes!

Still unsure? Here’s why you’ll love Sassy Lash Disposable Mascara Wands:

  • 300 applicators – Stock up on a supply that will last
  • Salon quality – Professional grade materials and craftsmanship
  • Maximum separation – Lashes are perfectly fanned out and separated
  • No clumping – Bristles evenly coat each lash with the ideal amount of mascara
  • Hygienic – Disposable, single use applicators
  • Multi-use – Use for mascara, lash primer, brow gel, and more
  • Eyelash extension supplies – Apply false lash glue with precision
  • Travel friendly – Toss in your bag for touch ups on the go
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – Money back if not completely happy

Pamper your lashes with the professional touch of Sassy Lash Disposable Mascara Wands. Order a set today and experience the most gorgeous, extended lashes imaginable!


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