Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 500 Count Box (Pack of 1)


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Get the original, the classic, the Q-Tips cotton swabs you know and trust. With 500 swabs per box, this value pack from Q-Tips provides all the pure cotton-tipped swabs you need for home, personal care, first aid, crafts, and more.

The Gold Standard of Cotton Swabs

Since 1923, Q-Tips cotton swabs have been the gold standard. With firm, flexible paper sticks and soft 100% pure cotton tips, Q-Tips are perfect for gentle cleaning, applying ointments, crafting, and more. The cotton tips have just the right amount of fluffiness to clean softly and absorb liquid effectively.

Quality You Can Trust

Q-Tips cotton swabs are proudly made in the USA with quality materials you can trust. The firm paper sticks have just the right amount of flex, so they won’t bend or break during use. The cotton tips are tightly wound for durability. With Q-Tips, you know you’re getting a high-quality product you can rely on.

Precision Tips for Delicate Jobs

The precision cotton tips on Q-Tips swabs enable you to gently clean small spaces like ears, noses, and craft crevices. The cotton tips are soft enough for use on delicate surfaces but firm enough to effectively clean and apply. With Q-Tips, you can carefully and precisely clean and treat when it matters most.

Trusted for Nearly a Century

For nearly 100 years, Q-Tips cotton swabs have been a staple in medicine cabinets and homes across America. Doctors, nurses, parents, crafters, and everyday folks trust Q-Tips to get the job done right. This classic American brand has stood the test of time as the cotton swab consumers know and love.

Premium Quality – Excellent Value

This 500 count box of Q-Tips gives you premium quality at an excellent value. With their quality materials and precision tips, Q-Tips are designed for performance and built to last. Stock up on the classic with this value pack and enjoy Q-Tips exceptional quality swab after swab.

Made for Every Use

The versatility of Q-Tips cotton swabs makes them ideal for:

  • Gentle ear cleaning
  • Applying ointments and creams
  • Makeup application and touch-ups
  • Cleaning electronics and small appliances
  • Delicate craft and model work
  • Applying glue and ABS solvents

Whatever the job, trust Q-Tips cotton swabs to get it done right.

Safe for Everyday Use

Q-Tips cotton swabs are safe for all ages when used as directed. The firm, flexible sticks and tightly wound pure cotton tips are designed for safe, gentle cleaning and application. Use Q-Tips with care on sensitive areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Q-Tips cotton swabs have been trusted for generations, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and performance of this classic product, contact us for a full refund or replacement.

The Cleaning Swab You Know and Trust

For nearly a century, Q-Tips cotton swabs have set the standard for quality and reliability. With their trademark firm, flexible sticks and soft pure cotton tips, Q-Tips get the job done right every time. For unbeatable cleaning swabs you can count on, choose the name you know and trust – Q-Tips.


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