PRO LashBeauty 280Pcs Individual Eyelash Clusters – Mix of 9mm to 16mm in C and D Curls for Lash Extension Looks Without the Salon


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Get salon-worthy lashes in minutes with this value set of 280 individual eyelash clusters from PRO LashBeauty. With a mix of lengths from 9mm to 16mm and C and D curls, you can easily customize your look. Whether you want a natural enhancement or dramatic eyelash extensions, these clusters have you covered.

Lash Extensions Looks Without the Salon

Achieve any lash look without spending hours and money at the lash salon. This set comes with 280 individual clusters, with 14 rows and 20 clusters per row, featuring a blend of 30D and 40D curls. With the variety of lengths from 9mm to 16mm, you can create both natural and bombshell lashes. The clusters simply adhere to your natural lashes for instant extra length, thickness and curl. Get high-end beauty results without the hassle and expense of professional extensions!

Customize Your Look

With 280 lashes to work with, you have total control over your lash look. Choose the length and curl combination that complements your eye shape. Shorter 9-12mm lashes are great for lower lashes and a subtle daytime boost. Go bombshell with the longer 14-16mm lashes on your upper lashline for head-turning after dark glam. Mix and match lengths and curls to create a customized lash look that’s all your own. The possibilities are endless!

Soft, Lightweight and Comfortable

Salon lash extensions can damage lashes, but these faux mink clusters are gentle on your natural lashes. The ultra-soft fibers are flexible and move naturally with your lashes rather than weighing them down. The lightweight clusters are easy and comfortable to wear all day or night with no poking or irritation. Give your lashes a break from mascara while still looking glamorous!

Quick and Easy Application in Minutes

Get red carpet ready lashes in just minutes! Simply use the included latex-free adhesive (lasts for multiple applications) to apply the clusters where you want extra length and volume. No need for complicated isolation, bonding and fanning techniques like with professional extensions. Just brush on glue, stick on a cluster and move to the next. With a few minutes and a steady hand, you can achieve any eye-opening lash look.

Safe, Damage-Free Removal

Don’t worry about getting these lush lashes off! The adhesive remover allows you to safely dissolve the latex-free glue and slide off the clusters without pulling or damaging your natural lashes. No need for oil, soaking or salon removal. Enjoy your fuller, sexier lashes and take them off gently when you’re ready.

High Quality Mink for a Natural Look

Get natural looking length and volume with these faux mink fiber lashes. The tapered ends and mix of lengths create a graduated, dimensional look that flows seamlessly with your natural lashes. Available in C and D curls to match your natural lash shape. The soft mink texture looks and feels like real hair, not stiff plastic. You’ll love how comfortable and realistic they are!

Professional Results from Home

Now you can get high-end lash extension results without leaving your home! Skip the time consuming and expensive salon appointments. With this all-inclusive kit, you have everything you need for lush DIY lashes. Apply a full set or just add length and volume where you want it. PRO LashBeauty brings professional quality lashes home to you.

Guaranteed Quality

We stand behind the quality of our lashes and your satisfaction. We use only the finest materials for durable, reusable lashes that will hold their shape and texture. If you have any issues with the product, please reach out so we can make it right. We want you to love your PRO LashBeauty lashes!

Get the lashes of your dreams delivered right to your door! Transform your look in minutes with these mix and match lash clusters. Customize for natural daytime looks or amp it up with bold length for head turning glam. PRO LashBeauty brings salon quality home.


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