Pamper Your Skin and Soothe Your Senses with Aveeno’s Lavender and Oat Stress Relief Body Wash


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Feel the stress melt away as you lather up with Aveeno’s Stress Relief Body Wash featuring a calming lavender scent and skin-soothing oat formula. This rich, creamy body wash gently cleanses without over-drying, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished. The relaxing lavender aroma helps transport your mind to a peaceful place while nourishing oat hydrates and protects sensitive skin. Make every shower a mini spa escape with this dermatologist-recommended body wash.

Calm the Senses with Soothing Lavender

The crisp lavender fragrance evokes feelings of tranquility, creating the perfect sensory experience for your self-care moments. Inhale the floral aroma as you massage the lather over your skin, allowing the scent to put your mind at ease. The calming properties of lavender have long been known to aid relaxation and relieve stress. Aveeno captures the essence of this botanical in a luxurious foaming gel that purifies skin while calming the nerves.

Gentle Cleansing Power of Colloidal Oatmeal

Aveeno’s body wash gets its soothing properties from prebiotic oat, also known as colloidal oatmeal. This special oat formula has an incredible ability to help hydrate and protect skin’s moisture barrier. As you cleanse with the rich lather, delicate oat proteins deposit on skin’s surface to help restore depleted lipids. This creates a protective film that prevents dryness and irritation. Sensitive skin stays calm, comfortable and properly hydrated.

Sulfate-Free Cleansing for All Skin Types

The creamy body wash formula effectively cleanses without harsh sulfates that can strip away natural oils. Even sensitive skin prone to dryness can enjoy this soap-free cleanser. The moisturizing body wash rinses clean without leaving behind residue or irritating fragrances. It’s gentle enough for daily use for soft, supple skin that never feels tight or itchy.

Dermatologist-Recommended for Sensitive Skin

For over 70 years, Aveeno has crafted skincare with sensitive skin in mind. Their products are thoughtfully formulated with ingredients backed by science to hydrate, soothe and protect. This stress relief body wash is clinically shown to leave skin feeling softer and calmer after just one use. Over 97% of users agreed that it rinsed clean without drying, making it a great choice even for frequently washed hands and body.

How to Use

Shake bottle before each use to activate the soothing ingredients. Apply a quarter-size amount onto a wet washcloth or luffa, massaging gently over the entire body. The body wash transforms into a rich, creamy lather that lightly foams without sulfates. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with Aveeno’s Stress Relief lotion to lock in 24-hour hydration.

Key Features

18 oz bottle of creamy body wash with calming lavender scent
Clinically shown to help calm and relax you in the shower
Formulated with soothing prebiotic oat to nourish sensitive skin
Fragrance-free and soap-free formula won’t irritate or dry skin
Dermatologist-recommended brand for over 70 years
Allergy tested and non-comedogenic

Soothe Your Senses with the Perfect Pampering Body Wash

Elevate your self-care routine with a body wash that caters to both body and mind. Aveeno’s Stress Relief Body Wash cleans, calms and comforts, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. The lavender aroma envelops you in a feeling of relaxation while the creamy oat-infused lather nourishes sensitive skin. Pamper yourself with a luxurious lather and savor the sensory experience.

Order a bottle today and make your daily shower a sanctuary from stress. Aveeno uses the most thoughtfully selected ingredients to care for your skin’s health and your overall wellbeing.


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