Makeup Magic: 200 Long Wooden Cotton Swabs for Flawless Beauty Application and Removal


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Tired of tiny cotton swabs that can’t reach those hard to get spots? Want an easier and safer way to apply and remove your makeup? Then you need these extra long wooden cotton swabs! With an extended 6 inch handle, you can finally access every nook and cranny for precise and thorough makeup application.

Reach Those Hard to Get Areas with a 6 Inch Handle

Unlike regular sized cotton swabs, our wooden swabs feature a 6 inch handle that allows you to extend your reach. No more struggling to swipe away makeup in the corners of your eyes or remove polish on your toes! The lengthy handle glides smoothly into any area for quick and easy access.

High Quality Materials for Soft, Safe Use

The cotton tips are crafted from pure organic cotton that is soft on your skin and won’t irritate or scratch delicate areas. And the smooth wooden handles are durable yet flexible to prevent breaking. So you can swab with total comfort and confidence!

Perfect for Makeup Application and Removal

These handy swabs are ideal for applying everything from eyeshadow to lip gloss to nail polish. The compacted cotton head grabs just the right amount of product for flawless coverage. Then when it’s time to remove your makeup, simply swipe it all away with these gentle swabs. They easily wipe away excess liner, mascara, glitter and more without pulling or tugging.

Clean and Disinfect Ears, Craft Supplies and Electronics

Thanks to the tightly wound cotton and sturdy wooden stick, these swabs can tackle cleaning jobs big and small. Gently clear away ear wax buildup, wipe away craft messes, dust electronics and so much more. Their versatility makes them a must-have for every home and workshop.

Portable for On the Go Use

Take these swabs anywhere with the included plastic bag. Keep them in your purse, gym bag, or travel kit. The resealable bag protects the cotton tips from contamination and keeps everything neat and organized.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

We proudly stand behind the quality of our cotton swabs. The cotton is inspected for purity and the wood handles are crafted for optimal strength and flexibility. We provide a total of 200 swabs per convenient bag so you’ll always have plenty on hand.

Order Now and Discover Makeup and Cleaning Bliss!

Never struggle with tiny cotton swabs or flimsy wood sticks again. Our extra long handled swabs make flawless makeup application, full makeup removal, and detailed cleaning easier than ever. Click Add to Cart now to receive 200 high quality cotton swabs in a portable plastic bag! Your beauty routine just got a whole lot easier.


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