Luxury 700 Count Cotton Swabs with Convenient Dispenser – Thick, Soft Bamboo Sticks and Ultra Plush Cotton Tips for Gentle Use


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Treat yourself to the ultimate cotton swab experience with this value pack of 700 luxuriously soft and thick cotton swabs. The double round cotton tips provide gentle exfoliation, making them ideal for applying makeup and skincare products or for cleaning delicate areas. The sturdy bamboo sticks ensure the cotton tips stay firmly in place, so you can swab with confidence.

The included clear plastic apothecary jar dispenser adds convenience and style to your bathroom or vanity. The BPA-free thick plastic construction is durable enough for daily use. It keeps your cotton swabs neatly organized and easily accessible. Just give the lid a twist to grab one swab at a time. No more messy boxes cluttering up your counters.

With 700 swabs per pack, you’ll always have plenty on hand. Share some with family or roommates and keep extras around the house for general cleaning and hygiene tasks. Here are just a few of the many uses for these versatile cotton swabs:

Makeup Application and Removal:

Apply eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip color
Blend out harsh makeup lines
Remove smudges without tugging on delicate eye and lip skin
Skincare and Grooming:

Apply creams and serums
Apply spot treatments to blemishes
Gently exfoliate lips and face
Clean piercings
Shape eyebrows
Cleaning and Hygiene:

Clean inside ears gently
Clean baby’s face, neck, hands and bottom
Dust electronics and appliances
Wipe grime from crevices
Clean keyboards and other tech gadgets
Apply polish remover to toes
Arts and Crafts:

Blend and clean watercolor pans
Wipe glue mistakes
Dust eraser shavings
Mix paints and inks
Apply adhesives and craft paints
Pet Care:

Wipe pet’s eyes and face folds gently
Clean ears
Apply flea and tick medication
Brush pet hair
The soft 100% cotton tips are safe for even the most sensitive skin. They contain no dyes, fragrances or other harsh chemicals. The sturdy bamboo sticks come from sustainable sources, making these swabs an eco-friendly choice.

With such high quality at this incredible value, you’ll want to stock up and share the pampering. This large pack of 700 ultra-soft, luxury cotton swabs brings gentle cleaning power, convenience and style to your self-care routine.


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