Luxurious Lashes with 300Pcs Professional Eyelash Mascara Brushes


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Get ready to reveal your most exquisite and alluring eyes with this set of 300 high-quality disposable eyelash mascara brushes. With a rainbow of 6 vibrant colors to choose from, these brushes will bring a professional touch to any eye makeup application.

Luxurious Quality for Flawless Results

Crafted with a flexible yet firm crystal handle and soft nylon bristles, each brush head gently hugs every single lash to evenly coat mascara from root to tip. The bristles have just the right amount of springiness to comb through lashes and separate them for a fanned out, voluminous effect. The thin brushes and petite size make application incredibly precise, allowing you to highlight the eyes beautifully.

At 3.9 inches long, these disposable brushes are easy to maneuver and light as a feather, so you can detail and define the eyes for hours without hand fatigue. Available in a spectrum of 6 lively colors – pink, rose red, purple, black, blue and green – you can coordinate with your mood or outfit. Or use different colors on different eyes for a fun, artistic look.

Designed for Maximum Eyelash Enhancing

The angled brush head is designed to hug every eyelash and apply mascara seamlessly. Its shape allows you to maneuver the brush horizontally, vertically and every angle in between with ease. The radian of the brush head can also be adjusted slightly to match the unique curves of your eyes.

The soft yet firm nylon bristles grip each eyelash to ensure root to tip coverage. Their elastic flexibility allows you to bend and shape lashes, while evenly combing through clumps. The spiral brush pattern makes it simple to roll lashes up and out for lavish length and volume. Each lash is separated, defined and coated to perfection.

Multipurpose for Eyes, Brows and More

While these mascara brushes excel at maximizing the length, curl and thickness of eyelashes, they also have a multitude of beauty uses:

  • Define and shape eyebrows by brushing brows hairs smoothly into place
  • Add depth and dimension to eyebrows by using mascara or brow gel with the brushes
  • Detangle and groom unruly eyebrows
  • Highlight roots of eyelashes and eyebrows for a polished accent
  • Separate and shape hair part and fringe

The petite size makes these brushes ideal for precise detail work on eyes, eyebrows and other small areas.

Professional Quality for All Beauty Lovers

This set of 300 colorful mascara brushes is perfect for:

  • Professional makeup artists – keep a range on hand for all clients
  • Salon owners – practical for multiple daily clients
  • Makeup learners – practice technique without product waste
  • Makeup aficionados – experiment with eye looks at home
  • Social butterflies – touch up your mascara flawlessly on the go

With this many brushes, you’ll always have a clean one ready for any event, client or creative whim. Toss after each use to maintain hygienic practices.

Show Off Your Best Eyes

Reveal your most spectacular, camera-ready eyes with a set of professional quality eyelash mascara brushes. With its rainbow of colorful handles and exceptional brush heads, makeup application is easier and more enjoyable than ever.


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