Luscious Lifted Lashes in Minutes with the 2023 Upgraded Salon-Quality Lash Lift Kit


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Want to wake up every morning looking refreshed and radiant with full, curled lashes that appear like you just stepped out of the salon? Look no further than the 2023 Upgraded Lash Lift Kit, the easy at-home solution for achieving naturally lifted, voluminous lashes in minutes.

Formulated for all lash types, this professional lash perm kit contains everything you need to get long-lasting, eye-opening results and say goodbye to stubborn stick-straight lashes. The milky white eyelash glue is newly upgraded for 2023, granting you superior hold, longevity, and ease of use. Simply follow the easy application steps, curl your lashes with the precisely angled silicone pads, and hold the curl in place as the lash glue sets. Within minutes, you’ll unveil naturally curly, eye-framing lashes that last for weeks. No need for daily curling and mascara touchups – this lash lift grants you instant luminosity the moment you wake up!

Achieve Striking, Lifted Lashes for Any Occasion

Lift lackluster lashes just in time for that big date, wedding, or moment in the spotlight. The semi-permanent lash lift effect persists for up to 6-8 weeks, eliminating the need for multiple coats of mascara or daily eyelash curler use. Even after swimming, showering, or sleeping, your lashes will retain their upright curl and amplified volume. The lush lift opens up your eyes and brightens your whole face for that wide-eyed, captivating look. Flaunt flirty flared lashes that attract admiration wherever you go.

Salon-Worthy Lash Perm Results from Home

Get expert lash stylist results without the hassle or expense of in-salon perming. Our easy-to-use lash lift kit equips you with every tool needed to create the eyelash look of your dreams. We provide step-by-step instructions plus access to online tutorials that walk you through the simple lash perming process. Use the precisely curved silicone rods to curl your lashes at the ideal 90-degree angle while the adhesive sets. Simply sandwich your lashes between the rods and protective under eye pads to shield your skin while curling.

The upgraded eyelash glue formula provides lasting hold that far outperforms other lash lift adhesives. No harsh chemicals or odors – just safe, effective ingredients that deliver a comfortable at-home lash perm. Forget pesky eyelash curlers and opt for this long-term, low-maintenance solution. You’ll cut your beauty routine time in half while maximizing your lashes’ natural volume.

Contains Everything Needed for Stunning Lash Lifts

Our lash lift kit comes with:

  • 2 x Under Eye Pads – Cradle and protect lower lashes during perming
  • 2 x Silicone Rods – Precisely angled for proper 90-degree curl
  • 1 x Cleanser – Preps lashes for maximum lift and curl
  • 1 x Perm Lotion – Formulates lashes before setting curl
  • 1 x Fixer – Holds curled shape in place for lasting lift
  • 1 x Bonder – Seals and protects lashes after perming
  • 1 x Milky Eyelash Glue – Upgraded adhesive formula for 2023
  • 1 x Mixing Bowl and Brush – Blend perm lotion and fixer
  • Eye shields – Protect skin during perming process

We hand-select premium quality materials and special formula adhesives to equip you with everything you need to achieve salon-worthy lifts. The silicone rods retain their shape after each use, allowing you to reuse them again and again to maintain your lifted lashes. With the upgraded lash glue’s superior staying power, you’ll love waking up to lush lashes day after day.

We’ve Got You Covered with Exceptional Customer Service

We stand behind our upgraded lash lift kits with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about the eyelash perming process, our helpful customer service team is here for you. We want you to feel fully supported as you unlock the secret to stunning lifted lashes from the comfort of home.

Invest in this salon-quality lash lift kit today and enjoy low-maintenance, high-impact lashes for weeks on end. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without your new go-to morning beauty routine. Say goodbye to stubborn straight lashes and hello to wide-eyed luminosity with this easy eyelash perm.


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