Give Yourself a Gorgeous, Streak-Free Tan Without Nasty Orange Palms with b.tan’s Ingenious Self Tanning Mitt


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We all want that gorgeous, sun-kissed glow without harmful UV exposure, right? Who doesn’t love having beautifully bronzed skin that makes you look like you just got back from a tropical vacation? But let’s be honest – no one wants to deal with orange, stained palms for days after self-tanning.

That’s why b.tan came up with their game-changing tanning mitt that lets you easily achieve a natural looking, streak-free tan without getting any self tanner on your hands!

Say Goodbye to Orange, Stained Palms!

b.tan’s self tanning mitt is specially designed so you can smoothly apply lotion or mousse all over your body, including hard to reach spots, without getting any tan product on your hands.

The mitt features a convenient thumb hole so you can keep your fingers and palms completely clean. No more worrying about stained palms or orange fingers after self-tanning!

Glides Effortlessly for a Completely Streak-Free, Flawless Tan

The b.tan tanning mitt is made from a soft, velvety polyester knit material that gently exfoliates your skin while perfectly blending self tanner into your skin for beautifully even coverage.

The velvety smooth mitt easily glides over every curve, contour, nook and cranny of your body, allowing you to perfectly blend in self tanner lotion or mousse. No more streaky knees, elbows or ankles!

The mitt applies tanning product perfectly even and smooth for gorgeously bronzed skin free of any streaks, spots or uneven patches.

Designed for Both Lefties and Righties

The b.tan self tanning mitt is thoughtfully designed so both left handed and right handed tanners can use it with ease.

The thumbhole is positioned so either your left or right thumb can slide in, keeping your hand completely mess-free while allowing full range of motion to apply tanner all over.

Whether you’re left handed or right handed, you’ll be able to flawlessly apply self tanner with no stained palms!

Reusable and Washable for Multiple Uses

The b.tan tanning mitt is reusable, so you can get multiple tanning sessions out of one mitt. Just rinse thoroughly after each use and leave to dry completely.

The durable polyester knit fabric holds up well to washing without losing its soft, plush feel. No more wasting money on disposable tanning mitts and gloves!

Get a Gorgeous, Natural Looking Tan Minus the Skin Damage

We all want to achieve that sunkissed bronze skin glow without exposing our skin to harsh UV rays or chemical-laden tanning beds.

b.tan’s self tanning mitt lets you get flawless, natural-looking color while nourishing your skin with organic, skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and more.

Give yourself a gorgeous, healthy bronze glow safely with b.tan’s mess-free tanning mitt! Ditch the disposable gloves and get salon-quality results right at home.

How to Use the b.tan Self Tanning Mitt for a Flawless, Streak-Free Tan

Getting a perfect, natural-looking tan without the mess has never been easier! Just follow these simple steps:

Slip your hand into the mitt and slide your thumb into the thumb hole. This keeps hands mess-free!
Pump a small amount of self tanning mousse or lotion into the mitt and smooth evenly over skin in circular motions.
Glide the velvety mitt over hard to reach spots – behind knees, ankles, wrists – to blend evenly.
Rinse mitt thoroughly after use and let air dry before next application.
Wait at least 6 hours before bathing to allow tan to fully develop.

Love Your Gorgeous, Bronzed Glow Thanks to b.tan!

Get salon-quality self tanning results without stepping foot in a salon – or ending up with stained palms – thanks to the ingenious b.tan tanning mitt.

It allows you to flawlessly apply self tanner for natural-looking, streak-free color every time.

Say goodbye to messy tan hands and get your gorgeous glow on with b.tan!


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