Get Salon-Worthy Lashes at Home with the AYASAL Lash Lift Kit


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Have you ever wanted voluminous, lifted lashes like you just walked out of the salon, but found false lashes or extensions too high maintenance? Look no further than the AYASAL Lash Lift Kit, your secret weapon for stunning, eye-opening lashes no matter the occasion.

Lift and Perm Your Natural Lashes for a Flawless, Lasting Look

The AYASAL Lash Lift Kit allows you to easily perm and lift your natural lashes at home for gorgeous, lasting results. Unlike mascara that rubs off or falsies that need reapplying, this eyelash perm kit creates a semi-permanent curl that lasts 4-6 weeks.

Salon-Quality Procedure Made Simple

Get a dramatic lash lift with an easy, step-by-step process. The AYASAL kit includes everything you need for a professional perm right at home:

  • Lash lift adhesive pads
  • Silicone eyelash perm rods
  • Lash lift solution
  • Lash neutralizer
  • Detailed instructions available in 5 languages

With the guiding instructions, you’ll be able to confidently perm your lashes. No confusing steps or complicated process – this lash lift kit makes achieving salon-worthy lashes easy and foolproof.

Long-Lasting yet Low-Maintenance

Once you lift your lashes, you can say goodbye to the daily grind of curlers, mascaras, and falsies. The AYASAL Lash Lift keeps your lashes perked up yet natural-looking for weeks. All you need is a quick touch-up once a month or so to maintain your fabulous lifted lashes.

No more wasting time carefully applying mascara before work or fumbling with falsies before a night out. This eyelash perm kit saves you major time while still making your eyes pop 24/7.

Safe, Non-Irritating Formula

You can feel confident perm lifting your lashes with the AYASAL kit. The lift solution and neutralizer feature a gentle formula free of harsh ingredients. Recommended by ophthalmologists, these products cater to sensitive eyes and won’t cause stinging or irritation.

The ingredients lift and set your lashes without damaging the hair follicles or natural structure. Feel at ease knowing you can achieve dramatic lashes safely and comfortably.

A Solution for All Lash Types

No matter your natural lash look – short, straight, or sparse – the AYASAL Lash Lift works wonders. The perm rods volumize and extend, while the lift solution curls from root to tip.

The result? Luscious, eye-opening lashes regardless of your starting point. Both long-lash lovers and those looking for added length will be stunned by the mascara-free definition.

Perfect for Wide Eyes

Have naturally round, wide-set eyes? The AYASAL Lash Lift exaggerates your eye shape in all the right ways. Fanning out the lashes creates the illusion of feline, almond-shaped peepers.

Plumps Up Straight Lashes

Stick-straight lashes bringing your eyes down? No problem. The lash lift perms and curves them upward for eye-opening height.

Lengthening for Short Lashes

Don’t be deceived by their small size – short lashes make a big impact with this curling treatment. The dramatic new angle makes stubs look like naturally long fringe.

Professional Treatment in Half the Time

No need to book a pricey salon appointment and carve out hours for a standard lash lift. The AYASAL Lash Lift Kit lets you DIY right at home, saving you both money and precious time.

Convenient At-home Application

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom with this eyelash perm kit. All the professional lifting supplies are included for easy, stress-free use whenever you desire – whether before a vacation, girls’ night out, or just because.

Results in Just 30 Minutes

With salon lash lifts, you need to budget 2 hours or more for the full appointment from start to finish. The AYASAL Lash Lift Kit streamlines the entire process so you can achieve stunning lashes in just 30 minutes flat.

The quicker procedure makes lifts more convenient to fit into your busy schedule. Get ready in half the time and be out the door with scene-stealing eyes.

Cost Effective Home Treatment

Getting lash lift services at the salon usually costs $80-$150 per session. With the AYASAL DIY kit, you can perm your own luxury lashes as needed for a fraction of the price. After the initial purchase, you’ll save big bucks on future perms.

Flaunt Your Best Features with a Lash Lift

Eyes are the windows to the soul – so let yours sparkle with the AYASAL Lash Lift Kit. No falsies, primers, or mascaras required to play up your gorgeous gaze. Just 30 minutes with this eyelash perm kit gives you weeks of sensational, lifted lashes.

Bat Those Lashes with Confidence

Light up any room when you walk in with your new eye-catching fringe. You’ll draw everyone’s admiration without having to cake on makeup.

Make Your Peepers Pop

Let your beautiful eyes speak for themselves. Ditch the heavy eye makeup and let your defined, natural lashes shine.

Accentuate Your Assets

A lash lift maximizes your best facial features. Lifting and curling draws attention upward, accentuating your eyes.

Don’t waste time fussing over lackluster lashes each morning. Get salon-worthy definition, length, and volume any time with the revolutionary AYASAL Lash Lift Kit. This is a beauty game-changer you need in your arsenal!


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