Get Flawless, Even Foundation Application with These Soft Triangle Velour Makeup Puffs


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Achieve picture-perfect makeup application every time with these ultra-soft triangle velour powder puffs. The unique fan shape and velvety cotton material allow you to expertly buff and blend liquid, cream and powder formulas for a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Innovative Triangle Design

These makeup puffs feature a clever triangle and arc design that conforms to all areas of your face. Use the rounded side to lightly stipple and blend foundation across the cheeks, forehead and chin. Then flip to the pointed side to precisely apply product around the eyes, nose and lip area. No more uneven, streaky makeup! The triangle puffs make it so easy to achieve flawless, symmetrical coverage.

Velvety Soft Cotton Velvet

Crafted from high-quality velour and cotton, these powder puffs feel luxuriously plush against the skin. The ultra-fine velvet material and tapered triangle shape allow you to gently press powders and liquids into the skin for buildable, natural-looking coverage. Compared to brushes, these soft puffs minimize streakiness and absorb excess product so makeup applies more evenly.

Multipurpose for All Formulas

Use these versatile puffs to apply liquid foundation, BB cream, concealer, blush, highlighter and more! The velvet cotton fabric doesn’t absorb too much product, so it’s perfect for blending liquid and cream formulas seamlessly. Flip the puff over to lightly dust setting powder across the T-zone to lock makeup in place all day. You can also use the triangular velour puffs for applying eyeshadow and contour powder.

Ergonomic Shoulder Strap Design

Each makeup puff comes with an attached shoulder strap so you can hold the puff without it slipping or falling out of your hand. This innovative design allows you to maneuver the puff at all angles while giving you maximum control for mistake-proof application. The handy strap also keeps the puff in place as you sweep and blend across the face.

Washable and Reusable

Don’t throw these makeup puffs away after one use! Simply wash with mild soap and water to remove residual makeup and oils. Allow to fully air dry before using again. The durable cotton velvet material holds up well to repeated washing, so you can get countless flawless makeup applications out of each puff.

Great Value Set of 12 Puffs

This set comes with 12 triangle velour powder puffs, so you always have a clean one on hand! Keep some in your makeup bag for touch-ups on-the-go and store the rest at home. Share a few with friends and family so they can achieve picture-perfect makeup too. With this affordable 12-pack, you’ll never be without these must-have makeup application tools.

How to Use

Pour a small amount of liquid or cream foundation onto the back of your hand. Use the rounded side of the puff to pick up product.
Lightly stipple the puff all over your face, concentrating on the center of the cheeks, forehead, chin and down the bridge of the nose.
Flip the puff over to the triangle side and press into the contours of the face, including under the eyes, around the mouth and sides of the nose.
For powder products, dip the velvet puff into loose powder, tapping off any excess. Press puff into skin using circular motions to set makeup.
Gently wash puffs after each use and allow to fully dry before storing.
With their innovative design and ultra-soft velvet material, these triangle makeup puffs make flawless foundation application easy. Get professional-quality coverage in seconds with these must-have makeup tools. Add them to your cart today!


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