Facón Platinum Japanese Steel Barber Blades, 200+ Shaves


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Experience the smoothest, closest shave with Facón Platinum Japanese Steel Barber Blades. Crafted from premium stainless steel in Japan, these single edge blades are designed specifically for professional barbershop straight razors. At Facón, we’re dedicated to producing the highest quality blades that provide unparalleled comfort, control, and convenience for the sophisticated wet shaver.

Our signature Facón blades are honed to perfection, giving an extremely sharp edge for effortless gliding across the skin. The refined cutting angle allows the blade to slice whiskers cleanly without irritation or nicks. You’ll be amazed at the baby smooth results from each luxurious pass of the razor. These blades simply provide an unbeatable shaving experience that barbers and clients love.

We only use the finest Japanese stainless steel for our professional barber blades. The high carbon steel is hardened through an intricate process to achieve the ideal balance of strength and flexibility. This gives the blades enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion while still allowing a comfortable amount of “give” as they glide over the complex contours of the face.

The superior quality is instantly noticeable, from the smooth polished edges to the precision tolerance. Facón blades are crafted to fit all standard barber straight razor handles with easy alignment. Just insert into your favorite shavette or exposure razor and you’re ready for an effortless, irritation-free shave.

For ultimate convenience, each Facón blade comes individually wrapped in protective wax paper. No more struggling to split double edge blades in half! The single edge design and packaging make it easy to quickly swap fresh blades in and out of your razor. We want to eliminate any hassle so you can enjoy the indulgent shaving experience.

With routine replacement, you’ll get over 200 velvety-smooth shaves from each Facón blade. We’re so confident in the lasting quality that we guarantee it. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the performance, simply let us know and we’ll make it right.

Give your shaving routine a luxurious upgrade with Facón Platinum Japanese Steel Barber Blades today. Here’s a quick recap of the key features and benefits:

Premium Japanese Stainless Steel

Expertly hardened high carbon steel for strength and corrosion resistance
Enhanced flexibility allows blades to glide smoothly over contours
Polished, precision-tolerance edges for unmatched quality

Extremely Sharp Cutting Edge

Honed to perfection to slice whiskers cleanly
Refined cutting angle prevents nicks and irritation
Effortlessly glides over skin for baby smooth results

Fits All Barber Straight Razors

Perfect alignment in shavette and exposure-style handles
Single edge design eliminates need to split blades
Just insert and shave with your favorite razor

Individually Wrapped for Convenience

Each blade protected in wax paper
Quick and easy to swap fresh blades in and out
Minimizes cuts and frustration from handling blades

200+ Velvety-Smooth Shaves

Durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting sharpness
With routine replacement, over 200 shaves per blade
We guarantee satisfaction or your money back

Trusted by Barbers and Clients

Barber shop favorite blade for professional use
Provides unparalleled comfort, closeness, and control
Luxurious, indulgent shaving experience
Upgrade your shave to a first-class experience with Facón Platinum Japanese Steel Barber Blades. Order a pack today and feel the smoothest, cleanest shave you’ve ever had!


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