Extreme Precision Organic Cotton Swabs – 800 Pieces, 4 Packs of 200 Swabs Each for Meticulous Cleaning


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Tired of those flimsy, cheap cotton swabs that bend and fray when you try to reach into tight spaces? Introducing our Extreme Precision Organic Cotton Swabs, featuring 800 double-pointed swabs designed for careful, detailed cleaning and grooming tasks.

Extremely Precise Double-Pointed Tips

The key to these cotton swabs is the compacted, firm cotton tips which have been shaped into a slim double-pointed design. This allows you to gently yet effectively swab, clean and dust tiny crevices and hard-to-reach areas. Each precision tip has been firmly attached to avoid any breaking or fraying.

The compact cotton makes our swabs perfect for:

Cleaning dirt from between computer keys and tight phone ports
Applying creams and cosmetics with meticulous precision
Safely removing ear wax buildup
Dusting collectibles, crafts, and other fragile items
Cleaning your pet’s eyes, ears and paws
Premium Organic Cotton + Recycled Paper Sticks

We use only the finest organic cotton for the tips, purified and sterilized to remove any impurities or chemicals. The organic cotton is soft yet firm, ensuring excellent absorption without any lint residue.

The swab sticks are made from recycled paper which is durable yet biodegradable. Each stick has the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

4 Convenient Packs of 200 Swabs Each

Your order comes with 4 packs of 200 swabs each, for a total of 800 high-quality swabs. Keep one pack handy at home, one in your office drawer, one in your purse or car, and one for travel. With 200 swabs per pack, each one will last a long time before needing to open the next pack.

More Economical and Eco-Friendly Than Disposable Swabs

Many cheap cotton swabs come in plastic tubes which get tossed out frequently, creating unnecessary waste and expense. Our swabs are packaged in recyclable paper boxes, which are more economical and earth-friendly.

By purchasing these reusable swabs in bulk packs, you’ll also save money compared to buying disposable swabs repeatedly. And you’ll always have plenty available when you need them.

Ideal for Every Swabbing Need

Keep our Extreme Precision swabs handy for:

Beauty Routines:

Apply creams and serums precisely
Clean up eye makeup mistakes
Remove nail polish neatly

Remove dust from keyboards, cameras, speakers
Clean phone charging ports
Repair small electronics
Home & Office:

Dust collectibles and knickknacks
Clean window blinds/tracks
Wipe smudges on walls
Baby & Pet Care:

Clean ears, eyes, and creases gently
Apply ointments and medicines
Trim/file pet’s nails
Our precision cotton swabs are soft, sturdy, and versatile enough for all your cleaning needs. Stop wasting money on flimsy disposables and stock up on these eco-friendly reusable swabs today!


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