Daintree Disposable Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas – 1200 Pack Wooden Wax Applicator Sticks for Precise Hair Removal


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Tired of messy wax applications and inaccurate hair removal? Our Daintree Disposable Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas are the solution you’ve been searching for. With 1200 pieces per pack, you’ll never run out during waxing sessions again.

These single-use wooden sticks have a flat, paddle-shaped tip that easily scoops, spreads and removes wax for precise application and hair removal. The narrow spatula head allows you to target even the finest hairs on small or detailed areas like eyebrows, upper lips, chin, bikini line and ears. No more wax where you don’t want it!

Benefits of Daintree Disposable Waxing Spatulas:

  • 1200 pieces per pack – never run out during waxing sessions
  • Disposable sticks – eliminates cross contamination
  • Precise wax application – flat paddle distributes just the right amount
  • Effective hair removal – thin tip targets even fine hairs
  • Use on delicate areas – eyebrows, upper lip, bikini line
  • Single use – new sterile stick for each client
  • Smooth wooden finish – gentle on skin
  • Salon quality – affordable price

The Ideal Waxing Tool

Our disposable wax applicators are a must-have tool for professional salon estheticians and DIY at home waxing. The flat wooden paddle scoops up just the right amount of wax for precise application.

The narrow tip lets you isolate even the smallest sections of hair for accurate removal. No more ripping out hairs you want to keep!

The smooth wooden finish gently glides over skin and ensures the ideal wax consistency without absorbing too much. The thin, firm edge makes removing wax effortless for clean results.

Best of all, the wooden material is gentle on skin but sturdy enough for effective hair removal. No more cuts, nicks or irritation!

Single Use = Hygienic and Convenient

Using a fresh, sterile applicator stick for each client is the safest, most hygienic waxing method. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination or spreading bacteria.

The disposable sticks mean you’ll never have to clean or sanitize waxing tools between clients again. Simply use, discard and grab a new stick. It makes your job quicker, easier and more professional.

Even at home waxing becomes hassle-free. No washing required, just toss out sticks after each use. Keep your DIY waxing station neat and contamination-free.

Stock up on our disposable spatulas so you never run out before a client’s waxing appointment again. With 1200 pieces per pack, you’ll be covered for months.

Salon-Quality Performance on a Budget

Don’t be fooled by the low cost. Our disposable wax applicators deliver professional-grade performance that exceeds salon expectations. They provide the same precise application and easy wax removal that high-end reusable applicators offer.

The difference is you’ll get perfect results every time without the hassle or price tag. No more wasting money constantly replacing worn out applicator sticks.

Invest in our tools once, then simply reorder more packs as needed. With bulk pricing on multi-packs, you save more per piece. It’s an affordable solution for convenient, quality waxing.

Experience the Daintree difference for your clients and yourself. Never struggle with messy wax or irritating hairs again. Our disposable spatulas make professional waxing easy and accessible. For hair removal that’s painless, precise and budget-friendly, choose Daintree!

Great For Small and Delicate Areas:

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Bikini Line
  • Ears
  • Nose


  • 1200 count per pack
  • Disposable wood sticks
  • Measures: 3.5 inches long x 0.2 inches wide
  • Flat, paddle-shaped tip
  • Smooth finish gentle on skin
  • Single use

We Know You’ll Love Our Wax Applicators. But If You’re Not Completely Satisfied, Return Them Within 30 Days For A Full Refund.

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