D Curl Fluffy Russian False Eyelashes – ALPHONSE Soft & Wispy 5D Faux Mink Lashes for Natural Voluminous Look (9 Pairs)


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Get ready to flutter those lashes and make a statement! ALPHONSE’s D Curl Russian False Eyelashes are the perfect way to elevate your look with lush, curly lashes that appear so natural, people will think they’re your own.

These 9 pairs of high-quality false eyelashes feature a fluttery D curl design to add the ideal amount of length and volume. Each lash strip has a clear, flexible band that allows it to precisely conform along your lash line. The thin transparent band also blends seamlessly, becoming virtually invisible once applied.

Made with premium cruelty-free fibers, the 5D faux mink material on these lashes has an ultra-soft touch and featherlight feel. The long lashes have varying lengths and textures to create the look of multiple individual lashes wispily fanning out. The effect is striking yet understated for a glamorous everyday style.

At 16mm, these shorter Russian lashes deliver a subtle lift compared to the dramatic 25mm styles. The lush volume and curled shape give your eyes gorgeous definition without appearing over the top. It’s the perfect balance for a soft and sultry fox eye shape.

With proper care, these high-quality lashes can be worn up to 20 times. They’re easy to apply and remove with the included latex-free glue. Once in place, the flexible lash band allows for a custom fit along your lash line so you can wear them comfortably all day long.

5D Faux Mink Fibers – Extremely soft and lightweight for undetectable wear
Fluttery, Feathered Lashes – Varying lengths and textures look strikingly natural
Premium Synthetic Material – Cruelty-free and crafted to last through multiple uses
Subtle 16mm Length – Shorter than dramatic styles for everyday glam
Bouncy D Curl Shape – Gives eyes gorgeous definition and curl
Clustered Volume – Full fans enhance eyes without being over the top
Flexible Clear Band – Thin transparent strips blend into lash line
Quick & Simple to Apply – User-friendly design for hassle-free wear
Reusable up to 20 Times – With proper care and lash glue (included)
Latex-Free, Non-Damaging Glue – Gentle on delicate lash follicles
Allows Lashes to Breathe – Avoid irritation and allow growth
Remove Easily Without Pulling – Prevent lash loss and enhance lashes
For glamorous eyes that dazzle from day to night, ALPHONSE’s Russian Lashes are the perfect choice. The lush volume, feathery lengths and curled design add striking yet completely natural definition. Slip into these faux mink lashes in seconds for instant beauty impact.

Made with cruelty-free materials, they’re gentle enough for sensitive eyes. The clear band allows them to disappear against your lash line. While the clustered strands create spectacular density, they still feel weightless and soft.

Flaunt fluttery lashes without the hassle of extensions. These ready-to-wear strips allow you to customize your look. Wear them for extra oomph on weekends and nights out or rock them daily for an enviable polished style.

Compared to strip lashes that are overly long and bold, this soft D curl style lifts your look without going overboard. The effect is understated glamour, like you woke up with naturally stunning lashes. But we’ll keep the secret that it was really these Russian style falsies giving you that envy-worthy flutter.

Experience salon-worthy lashes in seconds and embrace your inner vixen. Bat those lashes and see how many head turns you get. Blow away any rainy day blues with these lively curly lashes that brighten your look instantly.

Or save them for a big event when you want to make a statement. Picture the photos and the compliments you’ll get wearing these scene-stealing lashes that still manage to look charmingly low-key.

With 9 pairs included, you’ll always have a backup when you want to lash out. Mix and match for different moods. Go all out bombshell glam for date night or parties. Opt for a more toned down everyday glam for the office. You can even cut them into smaller sections to customize the look.

Take your lashes to new lengths with ALPHONSE. Our cruelty-free Russian Lashes enhance eyes beautifully without damage, discomfort or difficulty. The soft flexible band ensures the most comfortable, customizable fit. While the feather-light 5D fibers feel like you have nothing on.

Experience high-quality lashes designed to nourish your natural set. The latex-free glue protects delicate follicles. And the transparent band allows lashes to breathe and grow underneath. No more pinching, pulling or breakage. Just healthy, enhanced and gorgeous lashes.

We take pride in creating lashes that lift you up, not weigh you down. Slip into these wispy, curly falsies to see your face radiate with confidence. Bat those lashes proudly and we promise your eyes will light up the room. Always be brave, bold and uplifted with ALPHONSE lashes by your side.


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