Clinique Aromatic Elixir Parfum Spray for Women – Elegant, Sophisticated Scent with a Warm and Woody Fragrance


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Treat yourself or a loved one to the timeless elegance of Clinique’s Aromatic Elixir Parfum Spray for Women. This sensual fragrance evokes feelings of sophistication and intrigue with its warm, woody notes touched by hints of fresh florals.

The top notes burst open with a vibrant medley of chamomile, sage and rosewood. As it settles, the heart notes bloom into a bouquet of white jasmine, ylang ylang and patchouli. Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance with earthy oakmoss and vetiver.

This complex blend creates an alluring scent that isbold yet smooth, fresh yet warm. Aromatic Elixir lingers on the skin, allowing you to leave a memorable impression wherever you go. It’s an elegant companion for romantic evenings, sophisticated events and momentous occasions.

An Iconic Scent Loved for Decades

Created in 1972, Aromatic Elixir has been a beloved pillar fragrance for Clinique for over 40 years. This timeless scent continues to win over modern women just as it did decades ago.

Its clean yet sensual aroma provides a breath of fresh air from the sweet, fruity designer fragrances popular today. Aromatic Elixir stands out for its unique woody and earthy character touched by feminine floral notes.

This special scent conjures nostalgia for the 1970s while still feeling contemporary. It brings elegance and intrigue to the everyday. For women seeking a fragrance that is sophisticated rather than sugary sweet, Aromatic Elixir fits the bill.

Wear It Your Way: Light and Lovely or Warm and Sensual

Aromatic Elixir is a chameleon fragrance that transforms based on your body chemistry and how much you apply. Worn lightly, the fresh chamomile and jasmine notes sparkle through for a clean daytime scent. Applied more heavily, the earthy oakmoss and vetiver notes come forward to create an intoxicating evening fragrance.

The parfum spray concentrate allows you to control the intensity. Start with one light spray on pulse points. On nights out or romantic occasions, build the warmth and sultriness with an additional spray or two. Aromatic Elixir is versatile enough for day or night and every mood in between.

Beautifully Packaged for Gift Giving

The Clinique Aromatic Elixir Parfum Spray comes packaged in a slim, elegant glass bottle. The sleek black and gold design looks beautiful displayed on a dresser. It also makes this fragrance perfectly gift-able for any occasion.

Keep one on your own vanity and gift another to a friend, sister, mom or daughter. The timeless scent and classic bottle never go out of style, making this an ideal signature fragrance. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas – Aromatic Elixir is sure to delight any woman.

How to Apply this Sophisticated Scent

To enjoy the Aromatic Elixir fragrance, follow these tips when applying:

  • Hold the bottle 6-8 inches from skin and spray once or twice on pulse points like the wrists, neck and d√©colletage. Be careful not to over-apply.
  • Apply in the morning to wake up to lingering notes of fresh florals.
  • Re-apply to the wrists before going out at night when a warmer, more sensual scent is desired.
  • Pair with the matching Aromatic Elixir body smoother oil for a complementary layered scent.
  • Re-apply as needed for lasting fragrance all day or night. The parfum concentration means a little goes a long way.

Feel Elegant with this Timeless Parfum Favorite

Clinique’s Aromatic Elixir Parfum Spray is a sophisticated, feminine scent that evokes a clean yet sensual vibe. The floral heart notes provide freshness while the woody base notes create intrigue and warmth. This perfume favorite continues to win over modern women just as it did decades ago.

Whether you are seeking a signature scent or buying a gift for a loved one, Aromatic Elixir is a fool-proof choice. Its elegant, understated aroma will make any woman feel special. Spritz on this Clinique classic to surround yourself with modern sophistication and timeless intrigue.


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