CGR 900pcs Precision Dual-Tip Cotton Swabs for Flawless Makeup Application


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Achieve picture-perfect makeup application with the CGR 900pcs Precision Dual-Tip Cotton Swabs. With 900 swabs featuring one pointed tip and one flattened tip, these swabs enable effortless blending, smudging, and precise application of cosmetics.

Flawlessly Apply and Blend Makeup with Dual-Sided Cotton Tips

Applying eye makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow demands precision. Thanks to the pointed cotton tips, glide along the lashline to create razor-sharp wings. You can also deftly trace the lower lashline and inner corners without smudging eyeshadow. The firm yet flexible cotton tips retain their shape well for controlled product deposit.

The flattened tips are perfect for smudging out harsh lines for a diffused, smokey effect. Gently blend out edges of matte lipstick to prevent visible lip lines. You can also use the wide surface to press-in glitter particles evenly. With one swab offering two functionally different tips, you’ll cut back on wastage.

Super Soft 100% Cotton Tips for Sensitive Skin

The cotton used is 100% pure cotton which is gentle on sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic cotton will not irritate eyes or skin while removing makeup. The smooth cotton surface allows for comfortable application with minimal tugging.

Sanitary and Portable Makeup Applicators

Each set of 300 swabs comes prepackaged in a resealable plastic bag. The bags prevent the cotton tips from picking up dust and dirt during storage and transportation. Carry a bag in your purse for on-the-go makeup touch-ups.

The flexible plastic sticks have the perfect balance between sturdiness and pliability. They are unlikely to snap during use for safety and longevity. The smooth sticks also prevent cotton fibers from catching and pulling during application.

Endlessly Useful Around the Home

While designed for flawless makeup application, these swabs have a multitude of uses. Use them to clean electronics like cameras, phones, and laptops. Swab away smudges on glass surfaces and jewelry. Remove excess glue from DIY projects with precision. The cotton tips can dust hard-to-reach areas and furniture carvings with ease.

Premium Quality at a Price You’ll Love

Priced at just $$$, the CGR 900pcs cotton swabs offer unbeatable value. The bulk quantity will last a long time with occasional daily use. Choosing this set over disposable, single-use swabs generates less waste and cost in the long run.

Experience salon-worthy results with your makeup applications right at home with the CGR 900pcs Precision Dual-Tip Cotton Swabs. Order a set today and get ready to master precise blending and high-definition looks.


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