Blending Into Any Environment with Arcturus 3-Color Camo Face Paint


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Stay Hidden and Concealed in the Wild with Arcturus Camouflage Face Paint

Arcturus brings you their legendary camo face paint formula in a convenient 3-color woodland palette. This face paint allows you to disappear into nearly any wooded environment with ease. The 3-color blend of olive, brown, and black resembles natural woodland tones to help you blend in seamlessly. Take your hunting, airsoft battles, or tactical training exercises to the next level with face paint designed for concealment even in densely vegetated areas.

Sweat and Water Resistant to Stay On When You Need It

Arcturus face paint is engineered to be sweat and water resistant, so it stays on reliably even during strenuous activity. The colors won’t run or smear if you work up a sweat crawling through the brush or cross a stream. The paint adheres well and lasts for hours until you’re ready to remove it. You can trust this camo face paint to keep you concealed without constant touchups.

Goes on Smooth and Washes Off Clean

Application is easy thanks to the smooth, creamy formula. The paint glides onto skin uniformly without dragging or pulling. It leaves behind an even coat that blends naturally without obvious edges. When you’re finished with the camo effect, the paint washes away cleanly with soap and water without leaving behind a stubborn tint. No more scrubbing to remove remnants! The easy on, easy off formula makes this face paint a pleasure to use.

Built-In Mirror for Quick Application Anywhere

Forget struggling to apply face paint accurately in the field. Arcturus includes a handy mirror built right into the lid so you can see exactly what you’re doing. Just peel off the protective film to reveal the mirror. Apply your camo design quickly and correctly on the first try – no guessing or asking someone else how it looks. The mirror makes it easy to paint symmetrical patterns and ensure full coverage. With the mirror’s help, you’ll apply an expert camo design in just minutes.

Take It Anywhere in a Pocket-Sized Can

The compact canister fits neatly in a cargo pocket for easy transport. Pop it in your BDUs, backpack, or hunting vest to keep it at the ready whenever you need it. The slim can doesn’t take up much space, so you can conveniently carry it on hikes, ops, or hunts without weighing yourself down. Apply camo face paint anytime, anywhere without having to run back to base to grab it. The portable can makes this a true field-ready face paint.

Trusted by Hunters, Soldiers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

This specialized 3-color camo face paint continues Arcturus’ tradition of producing effective, rugged formulas for concealment. It’s trusted by hunters and tactical operators who rely on quality gear. The brand has earned a reputation among outdoor enthusiasts for specialized equipment designed for adverse conditions. Their face paint delivers the concealment, durability, and ease of use that customers expect from Arcturus. Discover why so many choose Arcturus for their camouflage needs.

Order Arcturus 3-Color Camo Face Paint Today!

Pick up this can of Arcturus camo face paint to upgrade your concealment and blend into wooded terrain. The water/sweat-resistant formula applies smoothly, wears reliably, and washes off easily when finished. With the built-in mirror, you can quickly apply an expert camo design anywhere. Disappear into your surroundings with this versatile 3-color woodland face paint. Order now from Amazon!


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