Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara, Jet Black


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Get ready to reveal lashes you never knew you had! Benefit Cosmetics’ award-winning They’re Real! mascara is a jet black, long-wearing formula that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates lashes for a spectacular wide-eyed look. This innovative mascara features a specially designed brush that grabs close to the root and extends lashes to their maximum potential without clumping or flaking.

Reveal Long, Curled Lashes

The They’re Real! brush is designed with short bristles that reach even your tiniest corner lashes and long bristles that comb through lashes root to tip. It coats each lash with Benefit’s lash-loving, glossy black formula, leaving lashes looking long, curly and simply stunning. Even if you have short, straight lashes, this mascara helps create the appearance of longer, curled fringe.

No Smudging or Flaking

This mascara goes on smoothly and stays put all day. The long-wearing, jet black formula is specially engineered to withstand smudging, flaking and humidity. Once applied, it lasts for up to 12 hours of wear. Even during workouts, rainy days and tears, this mascara stays intact. No need for messy touchups throughout the day.

Volumizing Brush Lifts & Separates

The innovative They’re Real! brush features a combination of short and long bristles that work together to separate and define each lash. The short bristles grab close to the lash line, volumizing from root to tip. The long bristles brush through lashes, separating and lifting for a fanned out look. The result is luxuriously full, separated lashes that don’t clump together.

Lengthening Formula for Wide-Eyed Look

This mascara’s glossy black formula contains a lash-strengthening polymer that coats lashes from base to tips. Your lashes are left looking longer, fuller and more exaggerated. Combined with the volumizing and lifting effect of the brush, this mascara gives your eyes a wide-eyed, doe-eyed look. Lashes for days!

Layer for Extra Drama

For even more exaggerated fringe, layer on multiple coats. This mascara is designed to be layered and reloaded throughout the day. The formula is quick-drying between coats, so you can easily apply additional layers without clumping. Load up your lashes with as many coats as desired to customize your look. Go for a subtle everyday look or amp it up with drama-filled lashes.

Ophthalmologist Tested & Latex-Free

They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. It is also latex-free, making it suitable for those with latex allergies. You can feel good applying this high-performance mascara each day.

Long-Lasting Jet Black Color

This mascara comes in Benefit’s signature rich black shade that flatters all complexions and eye colors. The deep black pigment coats lashes evenly and enhances eyes beautifully. It also ensures your lashes stay looking dark, defined and pristine all day long. No fading or smudging into a grayish tinge like some mascaras. Just vibrant black lashes for up to 12 hours.

Easy to Remove

They’re Real! Mascara comes off easily with warm water and gentle makeup remover. No need to rub harshly at delicate eyelids trying to remove stubborn mascara. Just use a soft touch and watch it glide away, leaving lashes soft and eyes refreshed.

Complete Your Eye Makeup Look

Pair this volumizing mascara with Benefit’s collection of brow pencils, eyeliners and eyeshadows for a complete eye makeup look. For a wide-eyed doll eye effect, swipe on They’re Real! Mascara after applying a neutral eyeshadow look. Or go bold with a smoky eye and accentuate it with this lash-lengthening mascara. However you wear it, your eyes will mesmerize!

This innovative Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara reveals the longest, fullest lashes imaginable. The specially designed brush separates, lifts and curls while the long-wearing jet black formula volumizes without clumping or flaking. Get ready to bat those dramatic lashes!


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