Bath & Body Works Dream Bright Fine Fragrance Body Mist Duo (16.0 Fl Oz)


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Transport your senses to a world of radiant positivity and uplifting energy with the Bath & Body Works Dream Bright Fine Fragrance Body Mist Duo. This set contains two 8 oz bottles of the crisp, vibrant Dream Bright scent, allowing you to mist your days and nights with notes of juicy sapphire berries, night-blooming orchids, and creamy vanilla.

Wake Up Your Senses

The moment you spritz on this body mist, you’ll be enveloped in an aura of crystal clarity and optimism. Top notes of sapphire berries impart a burst of sweet, fruity freshness, immediately pepping up your mood. As the mist settles onto your skin, the scent journey continues with a floral heart of night-blooming orchids, known for their mysterious, magical allure that only emerges after dark. Finally, base notes of pure crystalline vanilla wrap you in a creamy, comforting warmth.

Radiate Positivity All Day Long

This long-lasting body mist formula infuses your skin with vibrant fragrance that won’t fade. The fine mist ensures even coverage and quick drying so you can get dressed in a flash. A quick spritz nourishes your skin with hydration and leaves behind a satin-soft feel. With two generous 8 oz bottles, you’ll have plenty of product to mist from head to toe both morning and night. The eye-catching frosted blue bottles look gorgeous on your vanity too.

Match Your Mood to Your Moment

The bright, energetic scent of the Dream Bright Body Mist Duo makes it perfect for starting your days off on the right foot. A few sprays after your morning shower provides a motivational boost to seize the day. The uplifting aroma promotes clarity and focus as you take on new challenges. A midday touch-up re-energizes your senses so you can power through the rest of your shift.

At the end of long days, revive your spirits with a refreshing mist. The sparkling fruit and floral notes are instantly rejuvenating. The vanilla dry down is soothing and comforting, signaling it’s time to unwind. Before big nights out, mist all over to set the mood for fun and excitement. The vibrant scent gets your confidence soaring and makes you ready to take on the town.

For All Skin Types

This dermatologist-tested formula is free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. The non-greasy, fast-drying mist works for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin. The infusion of antioxidant vitamin E nourishes skin while you enjoy the gorgeous fragrance. The cruelty-free recipe brings you guilt-free luxury.

Layer the Scent Experience

For the ultimate Dream Bright experience, layer the body mist with other items from the Bath & Body Works Dream Bright collection. Apply the ultra-hydrating body cream after the mist to achieve soft, supple skin with lasting fragrance. Allow the shimmering body lotion to bring an ethereal glow to your décolletage and legs.

Carry the pocket-sized fine fragrance mist on the go for an instant mood boost whenever you need it. In the shower, lather up with the Dream Bright shower gel then follow with the mist to really immerse yourself in the scent. Before bed, smooth on the calming body butter balm to hydrate skin as you drift off to sleep.

Gift-Worthy Set

Surprise your favorite friend or family member with this crowd-pleasing duo. The eye-catching packaging makes it perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Share one bottle and keep one for yourself so you can both mist on the magic. For college students, stash one bottle in the dorm and send one home for school breaks.

Give one as a housewarming present or place it in the guest bathroom whenever out-of-town friends come to visit. Share it as a stocking stuffer so your loved one can start everyday with positivity. Send it as a thank you gift to show your appreciation in fragrant style. However you gift it, the Dream Bright Body Mist Duo is sure to delight.

Bask in Optimism and Clarity

Treat yourself to a sensory escape with the Bath & Body Works Dream Bright Fine Fragrance Body Mist Duo. The vibrant blend of fruits, flowers, and creaminess elevates your mood and energizes your mindset. Mist on the magic both morning and night to surround yourself in an aura of optimism and positivity.


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