Bath & Body Works Coconut Pineapple Body Mist Spray (8 oz)


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Transport Yourself to a Tropical Paradise with Coconut Pineapple Body Mist from Bath & Body Works

Feel like you’re on a tropical island getaway with the refreshing scent of coconut, juicy pineapple and sweet sugar cane in this fine fragrance body mist from Bath & Body Works. The Coconut Pineapple mist envelops your senses with the essence of sun, sand and surf.

A Tropical Blend of Coconut, Pineapple and Cane Sugar

The bath and body experts at Bath & Body Works blended shaved coconut, fresh pineapple and sugar cane to create a fruity, summery fragrance that conjures images of swaying palms and tranquil turquoise waters. The top notes burst with the tangy tropical aroma of pineapple, while creamy coconut and smooth sugar create a sweet, sunshine-filled heart.

As the fragrance dries down, toasted coconut is wrapped in gentle wisps of sugar cane for a warm, beachy base. This paradise-in-a-bottle scent will instantly transport you to a tropical oasis wherever you spritz it.

Lightweight Hydrating Body Mist

The fine fragrance mist formula is infused with nourishing aloe vera and antioxidant vitamin E to hydrate and soften skin while deliciously fragrant oil captures the essence of coconut and pineapple. The refreshing spray glides on easily after showering or anytime your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.

The lightweight mist dries down quickly without leaving behind any sticky residue or heaviness. It’s perfect for hydrating skin without disrupting makeup application. The fragrance lasts for hours but can be reapplied as needed for a tropical scent boost.

Cruelty-Free Formula

Bath & Body Works does not test their products on animals and never asks others to do so. This fragrance mist allows you to enjoy the juicy tropical scent of coconut and pineapple with a clear conscience.

Uses for Coconut Pineapple Body Mist

Spritz over your entire body after showering for soft, scented skin

Mist onto wrists and pulse points for a light tropical perfume

Spray onto hair for a fruity, beachy scent

Refresh yoga mats and gym bags to keep them smelling fresh

Lightly mist bedsheets or linens for a sweet dreams

Spray in the air to fragrance a room

Carry in your purse for refreshing touch-ups anytime

Pair with Other Coconut Pineapple Products

The Coconut Pineapple fragrance also comes in shimmering body lotion, shower gel, triple moisture body cream, and fragrance mist refills so you can layer the scent across multiple bath and body products.

Match the mist with coconut pineapple scented candles, wallflowers, hand soaps and sanitizers from Bath & Body Works to infuse your entire home with the juicy tropical aroma.

Get Your Tropical Vacation in a Bottle

Escape to paradise with the mouthwatering scent of Coconut Pineapple. This fine fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works will instantly transport you to a tropical oasis with shaved coconut, fresh pineapple and sugar cane. The refreshing spray formula with aloe vera and vitamin E nourishes skin while surrounding you with fruity, beachy vibes. Cruety-free and made in the USA.

Add a tropical twist to your self-care routine with Coconut Pineapple body mist today!


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