Bath & Body Works Butterfly Fine Fragrance Mist – Sweet Springtime in a Bottle


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Transport yourself to a fragrant spring meadow with the Bath & Body Works Butterfly Fine Fragrance Mist. One spritz of this light and lovely body mist surrounds you in the delicate essence of fluttering butterflies and blooming wildflowers.

An Airy Floral Fragrance

Butterfly mist blends sweet raspberry nectar, romantic iris petals, and ethereal vanilla into a perfectly balanced fruity-floral scent. Top notes of juicy raspberry give way to delicate middle notes of powdery iris. A base of airy vanilla adds warmth and softness.

This uplifting fragrance evokes images of colorful butterflies flitting from flower to flower on a mild spring day. It’s a scent that makes you feel free and filled with joy.

Designed for All Day Fragrance

Unlike traditional heavy perfumes, this is a lightweight mist that gently scents skin without overwhelming your senses. The formula contains less fragrance oil but provides better coverage through an alcohol base that helps the scent last.

A few spritzes in the morning will keep you smelling spring-fresh all day long. The fragrance lasts but never becomes too strong or headache-inducing. Butterfly mist is designed for continuous wear.

How to Use

Apply after showering by generously misting over clean, dry skin. Pay special attention to pulse points like wrists, neck, and décolletage. The friction from these areas will help release the scent.

For longer wear, layer with Butterfly body cream. The cream seals in moisture and locks in the fragrance. Reapply mist throughout the day as needed.

Perfect for Layering

While beautiful on its own, Butterfly mist also layers beautifully with other fragrances. For a fruitier scent, pair it with raspberry or citrus mists. For added florals, combine it with rose or peony. Vanilla and coconut mists complement the vanilla notes.

Experiment and find your perfect scent blend. The light formula allows you to safely mix fragrances without ending up with an overwhelming perfume bomb.

Portability for On-the-Go

The 8-ounce bottle fits easily into purses and bags so you can refresh your fragrance anywhere. Keep one at home, one in your car, and one at the office to stay lightly scented around the clock.

The flip-top lid makes it convenient to quickly mist on fragrance even when you’re in a hurry. Light spritzes dry quickly without ruining clothing or leaving wet marks.

Cruelty-Free Formula

Bath & Body Works does not test their products on animals. The mist is made without parabens and is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. Enjoy sweet scent free from harsh chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The plastic bottle contains 50% recycled materials. The brand strives for sustainability from production to packaging. Feel good about using a product that helps reduce waste.


Need a gift for a loved one or friend who deserves something special? Butterfly mist makes a thoughtful present for birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation, or any springtime occasion.

The beautiful packaging looks lovely wrapped up or displayed on a vanity. Include the matching lotion or shower gel for a complete pampering set.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Bath & Body Works stands behind their products and offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely enchanted with this fine fragrance mist, return it for a full refund.

Try Butterfly Fine Fragrance Mist Today

Surround yourself in sweet springtime scents with the Bath & Body Works Butterfly Mist. Its light, layerable formula lets you customize your perfect floral fragrance. A few spritzes transports you to warmer days filled with possibilities.


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