Barrel and Oak Bourbon Cedar Natural Cologne for Men – Earthy Cedarwood & Bourbon Scent Infused with Essential Oils


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Embrace your inner lumberjack spirit with the rich, woodsy aroma of Barrel and Oak’s Bourbon Cedar Natural Cologne for Men. This invigorating eau de cologne features top notes of zesty lemon and herbaceous lavender, enveloped in hearty middle notes of cedarwood and sweet bourbon. Earthy base notes of smoky vanilla and tonka bean provide warmth and dimension to the outdoorsy scent profile.

With just 1-2 spritzes, let this essential oil-infused fragrance transport you from daytime adventures in the great outdoors to sophisticated nightlife in the city. The natural cologne’s subtle yet lingering aroma effortlessly transitions from day to night. Simply spritz onto pulse points like the wrists and neck before heading out for the day, then refresh with an extra spritz or two before an evening out.

Free of synthetic ingredients, this men’s cologne is crafted with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils like cedarwood, lemon, lavender, and bourbon. The natural oils provide a more subtle, cleaner scent compared to traditional eau de colognes packed with artificial fragrances. And because the oils are gentler, this cologne is less likely to cause headaches or allergic reactions.

In addition to the uplifting aromatherapy benefits of natural essential oils, Barrel and Oak’s cologne is specially formulated for the health-conscious modern man. This vegan eau de cologne is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates (SLS), and other harsh chemicals. The earth-friendly formula contains sustainably-sourced ingredients packaged in recyclable materials.

As a brand, Barrel and Oak offers a full line of grooming and body care essentials designed to make men feel confident, refreshed, and ready to take on anything the day brings. Like the bourbon cedar cologne, all products contain natural, plant-based ingredients tailored to men’s unique needs. The collection includes options like:

Invigorating beard oils, balms, and washes

Rejuvenating face and body bars

Smoothing shave creams and aftershaves

Soothing hand and foot repair creams

Refreshing shampoos and conditioners

Mineral-based deodorants

Give yourself the gift of natural, noticeable fragrance with Barrel and Oak’s Bourbon Cedar Cologne. It makes a fantastic gift for the men in your life – whether a husband, boyfriend, son, or friend. The outdoorsy, masculine scent suits men of all ages and injects a rustic twist into everyday style.

With regular use, the uplifting aroma boosts confidence, sparks compliments, and becomes a signature part of your personal brand. So unlock your inner lumberjack today and enjoy the sophisticated, woodsy scent of the great outdoors.

An Inside Look at Our Bourbon Cedar Natural Cologne

Let’s explore what makes our bourbon cedar cologne for men so special:

Naturally Derived Essential Oil Formula

Most conventional drugstore colognes are packed with synthetic fragrance chemicals that simply cover up body odor. Our natural cologne instead relies on essential oils like cedarwood, lemon, lavender, and bourbon derived from real plants. So you smell fresh, not doused in chemicals.

We expertly blend essential oils known for their alluring aromas and skin-conditioning properties. For example, woodsy cedarwood oil calms the mind, while citrusy lemon oil energizes. When combined, these complementary oils create a dynamic, masculine scent profile.

Not only do essential oils smell fantastic, but they also provide therapeutic benefits as they interact with your skin. Our bourbon cedar cologne doesn’t just temporarily mask odors – it enhances your overall wellbeing.

Subtle Yet Lingering Scent

Thanks to the natural concentration of essential oils, our cologne’s aroma is more subtle compared to synthetic fragrances. But don’t let the lighter scent profile fool you – a little goes a long way.

Applied to pulse points, the fragrance effortlessly lingers for hours without aggressively overpowering the senses. The scent subtly becomes a part of you, not something merely sprayed on top of you. Just refresh as needed before an evening out.

For maximum longevity, be sure to apply to clean, moisturized skin that can fully absorb the oils. Pro tip: Apply right after showering for best results.

Day to Night Versatility

The bourbon cedar fragrance easily transitions from outdoor adventures like hiking, fishing, and camping during the day to sophisticated nights out on the town.

The uplifting citrus and herbal notes create an energizing daytime aroma, while the smoky, vanilla base notes become more prominent at night. Lightly refresh before heading out for cocktails or a date for the full woodsy aroma.

No need to buy separate daytime and evening colognes – this versatile formula has you covered morning to night.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

What you won’t smell in our cologne is a long list of synthetic chemicals. We leave out parabens, phthalates, sulfates (SLS), and other potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in fragrances.

Instead, you can feel good about spraying on a formula made with natural, sustainably-sourced essential oils and botanical extracts. It’s better for you and better for the environment.

Our cologne is also vegan and cruelty-free. So you can look good while also doing good.

Recyclable Packaging

The luxe glass bottle and sleek black lacquer box make for an impressive gift, while also using recyclable materials. This reduces waste compared to colognes packaged in unrecyclable plastic.

We also opted for recyclable aluminum over aerosol sprays that contain propellants harmful to the ozone layer. Our pump spray ensures you get the finest mist of cologne with every use.

How to Apply Our Natural Cologne

Apply 1-2 pumps of Barrel and Oak’s Bourbon Cedar Cologne to these pulse points:

Wrists: Rub wrists together after applying to transfer scent and oils directly into the bloodstream. This also prevents over-application.

Neck: Dab onto the side of the neck, below the ears and jawline. The warmth of the skin releases the notes.

Chest: Spray onto the center of the chest so the fragrance wafts upward.

Shoulders: Mist over the shoulders to envelop your upper body in scent.

For long-lasting results, apply to clean, moisturized skin right after showering so the oils fully absorb. The fragrance lasts for hours with just 1-2 spritzes. Reapply as desired before going out at night.

Avoid rubbing wrists onto clothing, which can transfer the scent onto fabric. Our cologne is designed for direct skin application.

Transform Your Grooming Routine with Barrel and Oak

Elevate your entire grooming routine with our full line of natural men’s care:

Keep your beard nourished and styled with our collection of beard oils, balms, shampoos and conditioners. The woodsy scents complement our bourbon cedar cologne.

Refresh from head to toe with our invigorating body washes and shampoos. Our multi-use bars are perfect for travel.

Get a close, smooth shave with our concentrated shave creams and lotions that protect skin. Follow up with the cooling relief of our aftershave.

Moisturize hands and feet prone to dryness and calluses using our ultra-rich creams.

Swap out deodorants with invisible white marks for our mineral salt deodorants that nurture underarms.

With Barrel and Oak, smell and feel your absolute best every day. Shop our full collection to give yourself and the men in your life a little luxury.


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