AXIS-Y Brightening Dark Spot Corrector Serum – Fade Hyperpigmentation and Reveal Brighter, More Even Skin Tone – 50ml


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Do you deal with stubborn dark spots, uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation? Those pesky dark marks can be tough to tackle. Now you can say goodbye to lackluster complexion and hello to visibly brighter, more radiant skin with the AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum.

Formulated with 5% niacinamide and papaya extract, this brightening serum is designed to target dark spots and hyperpigmentation at the source. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a powerhouse skin-brightener that helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It works by inhibiting melanin production to reveal a more even, radiant complexion.

Papaya extract provides additional brightening benefits. This tropical fruit contains papain, an enzyme that exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin. This allows the niacinamide and other brightening ingredients to better penetrate and work their magic. The result is a noticeably more luminous, even-toned complexion.

This serum also contains vegan squalane, a plant-based moisturizer that provides hydration without clogging pores. Squalane mimics your skin’s natural oils to reinforce the skin barrier, leaving skin soft, supple, and smooth.

The lightweight serum glides onto skin, absorbing quickly without any sticky residue. It layers beautifully under makeup or other skincare products. Just pat a few drops on clean skin morning and night and let it work its brightening magic.

This serum is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone. It is fragrance-free and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and other harsh irritants.

Give your complexion the glowing boost it needs. Fade the appearance of dark spots and reveal visibly brighter, more even-toned skin with the AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum. Transform lackluster skin into a radiant complexion in just a few uses.

Key Features

  • Targets dark spots & hyperpigmentation
  • 5% niacinamide brightens & evens skin tone
  • Papaya extract provides gentle exfoliation
  • Vegan squalane moisturizes without clogging pores
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing serum
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fragrance-free, paraben-free formula
  • Cruelty-free, vegan

Fight Back Against Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, acne marks, melasma, sun damage – hyperpigmentation comes in many forms and can be frustrating to treat. This brightening serum combats discoloration and reveals a more even skin tone with the power of niacinamide.

Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a skincare superstar for fading hyperpigmentation. It works by inhibiting melanin production which prevents excess melanin from reaching the surface of the skin. Melanin is what causes areas of pigmentation when there is too much accumulation. By regulating melanin, niacinamide helps minimize the appearance of dark spots.

In addition, niacinamide strengthens the skin barrier, increases hydration, and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation. All of these benefits work together to renew skin’s appearance and radiance.

Apply a few drops of this serum daily to see a noticeable improvement in uneven tone and texture. In as little as four weeks, the complexion-brightening effects will be clear.

Reveal Brighter, More Even Skin

Have you noticed your skin looking a little dull and lackluster? Dullness and uneven texture can make skin appear older than it is. By gently exfoliating and brightening, this serum restores radiance and transforms complexion.

Papaya extract in the formula provides chemical exfoliation to whisk away dead skin cells. Removing this buildup allows the active ingredients to better penetrate while revealing fresh new skin. Glycolic acid and enzymes in papaya dissolve pore-clogging debris to visibly smooth and brighten.

Niacinamide teams up with papaya extract to even out skin tone. It minimizes dark spots and discoloration caused by sun damage, acne scarring, melasma, and hormonal changes. With continued use, you’ll notice a clearer, more luminous complexion.

The lightweight serum absorbs quickly without leaving behind any oily residue. It wears beautifully under makeup, providing the perfect base for flawless application and long wear.

Wake up to bright, glowy skin every morning. This serum restores radiance and evens out tone for healthy-looking skin that appears lit from within.

Hydrate Skin with Soothing Squalane

Dehydrated skin can make fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots appear more visible. That’s why keeping your complexion nourished with hydrating ingredients is key. This serum contains vegan squalane to provide non-greasy moisture without clogging pores.

Squalane mimics skin’s natural lipids to reinforce the protective barrier. This keeps moisture from escaping so skin stays hydrated and supple. Unlike other plant oils, squalane is non-comedogenic so it won’t lead to breakouts.

It glides onto skin leaving a silky soft finish that plays nicely with other products. Squalane’s soothing properties also help minimize signs of sensitivity like redness, itchiness, and irritation.

Give your complexion a surge of soothing hydration. Squalane ensures skin stays moisturized, comfortable, and glowing – never greasy.

Suitable for All Skin Types

No matter your skin type – dry, oily, normal, mature, or sensitive – this serum was thoughtfully formulated to work for all. There are no harsh ingredients that will strip or irritate skin.

The formula is free of fragrance, essential oils, and other common irritants. It is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. Enjoy the brightening and hydrating benefits without any irritation, redness, or greasy residue.

Those with acne-prone complexions can reap the dark spot fading benefits without fear of new breakouts. In fact, niacinamide has actually been shown to minimize breakouts thanks to its ability to regulate oil and sebum production.

People of all ages can incorporate this serum into their routines. Apply morning and evening for a radiant complexion at any age. It pairs perfectly with your other serums, moisturizers, SPF, and more.

Experience skin that looks and feels its best. This versatile serum enhances all complexions.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Ingredients

AXIS-Y is committed to using ethically-sourced, vegan ingredients in their products. They are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and PETA-approved.

No animal testing or animal-derived ingredients were used to develop this formula. Everything is plant-based and responsibly-sourced.

You can feel good about choosing a brand that aligns with your values. AXIS-Y makes high-performing, natural skincare accessible. Their formulas prove that caring for animals, the planet, and your skin can go hand-in-hand.

Experience the power of plants with AXIS-Y. Their serums, moisturizers, treatments, and masks deliver real results using thoughtful, vegan ingredients.

Your Brightest, Most Even Complexion Awaits!

Don’t let dark spots and uneven texture get in the way of your brightest complexion. This brightening serum combines niacinamide, papaya extract, and squalane to tackle hyperpigmentation and reveal remarkably radiant skin.

Fade the look of dark spots, acne marks, and sun damage over time. Hydrate and smooth to perfection. Experience healthy-looking luminosity like never before.

Add this dark spot-fighting serum to your skincare routine and get ready to say goodbye to lackluster skin. Hello, gorgeous glow!


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