AXE Phoenix Body Spray for Men, Lavender and Citrus Scent, Pack of 6 (4 oz each)


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Feel fresh and confident with the exhilarating scent of AXE Phoenix Body Spray. This fruity, floral fragrance features top notes of lavender and geranium paired with middle notes of jasmine, sage and rosemary. Rounding out the scent are base notes of patchouli and fresh citrus. The result is a bold, masculine scent that is both invigorating and sexy.

An Alluring Scent for the Adventurous Man

AXE Phoenix Body Spray is designed for the man who is passionate about life and looking for a fragrance to match his fearless spirit. One spray of this energetic scent will make you feel alive and ready to take on the day’s challenges and adventures. The burst of citrus immediately brightens your mood, while the herbal lavender and geranium lend an earthy, mysterious undertone. Wear Phoenix to feel self-assured, charismatic and daring wherever your day takes you.

Long-Lasting Odor and Wetness Protection

Phoenix doesn’t just smell fantastic, it also provides effective odor and wetness protection that lasts for hours. So you can head to the gym, a night out with friends or a date night, and still smell and feel fresh. The advanced formula combats sweat and neutralizes body odor before it starts, keeping you dry and confident in any situation. Just a couple spritzes in your key pulse points like your neck, wrists and chest will lock in the exhilarating Phoenix scent.

Fragrance Layering Collection

Take your Phoenix experience to the next level by layering it with other products from the AXE fragrance collection. Start in the shower with the Phoenix Body Wash, which cleanses skin while immersing you in the vibrant scent. Follow up with the Body Spray for long-lasting odor protection and the subtle Phoenix fragrance misting around you. Finish off with a few swipes of the Phoenix Deodorant Stick for extra insurance against sweat and odor. Used individually or together, these Phoenix grooming products will have you feeling and smelling amazing.

Product Details

  • Pack of 6 Phoenix Body Sprays (4 oz each)
  • Bursting with fresh lavender, geranium and citrus
  • Provides odor and wetness protection
  • Long-lasting fragrance lasts all day
  • Use alone or layer with other Phoenix products
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly formula

How to Use

Using Phoenix Body Spray is simple:

  1. Hold can 6-8 inches from your body and avoid spraying directly on face or clothing.
  2. Spray 2-4 times onto pulse points like the neck, wrists, chest and shoulders.
  3. Allow spray to dry fully before dressing.
  4. Reapply as needed to refresh fragrance.

For best results, use in combination with the Phoenix Shower Gel and Deodorant Stick. Start your day right with an invigorating shower, follow with a few spritzes of the body spray once dry, and finish with the deodorant for odor blocking protection.

Impress with a Captivating Scent

Make a bold statement and awaken your rebellious spirit with the exhilarating lavender and citrus scent of AXE Phoenix Body Spray. Whether you’re headed for a big meeting, a first date, or a night out with the guys, Phoenix gives you the confidence that comes from smelling fresh and tantalizing. Spray on this brisk, woodsy aroma and get ready to take on the day.


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