AXE Body Wash Apollo 4 Pack – Long Lasting Freshness Sage & Cedarwood Body Wash for Men with Odor-Busting Prebiotics


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Take your shower routine to the next level with the new and improved AXE Apollo Body Wash 4 Pack. This set of 4 bottles of invigorating body wash provides long-lasting freshness and odor protection to power you through your day.

An Iconic Scent Duo for Men

The AXE Apollo scent features an exhilarating blend of earthy sage and rich cedarwood. This dynamic duo evokes feelings of the great outdoors with its woody, herbal aroma. The scent is bold yet sophisticated – perfect for the modern, active man.

Odor Protection that Lasts

AXE Apollo Body Wash is powered by revolutionary odor-busting prebiotics to neutralize odors and keep you smelling fresh. This effective formula provides up to 12 hours of odor protection, so you can take on the day with confidence.

Moisturizing Plant-Based Ingredients

While washing away dirt, sweat, and odor, AXE Apollo Body Wash moisturizes with 100% plant-based ingredients. Your skin will feel clean and hydrated without feeling dried out.

Dermatologist-Tested Formula

You can trust AXE Apollo Body Wash to refresh your skin. The formula is dermatologist-tested and free of parabens, so it’s suitable for men with sensitive skin.

Sustainable Body Wash

The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, aligning with Unilever’s commitment to reduce virgin plastic use. Feel good about the body wash you lather on knowing the packaging has less environmental impact.

Easy to Use Gel Formula

AXE Apollo Body Wash features a gel formula that lathers into a rich foam for a satisfying cleanse. Simply squeeze out onto a loofah or your hands, work into a lather, and rinse. You’ll be left with clean, great-smelling skin.


  • Pack of 4 bottles of AXE Apollo Invigorating Body Wash
  • Features an exhilarating blend of sage and cedarwood
  • Provides up to 12 hours of odor protection
  • Made with prebiotics to neutralize odors
  • 100% plant-based moisturizers hydrate skin
  • Dermatologist-tested, paraben-free formula
  • Bottles made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Rich lathering gel formula

How to Use

Using AXE Apollo Body Wash is simple:

  1. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of gel onto a loofah or directly into your hands
  2. Work into a rich lather, massaging over wet skin
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Pat dry and feel fresh and confident all day

For best results, use at least once a day in your regular shower or bath routine. The invigorating scent will energize you to take on the day, while the odor-fighting technology keeps you smelling fresh from morning to night.

Be Your Best Self with AXE

Upgrade your morning routine with the new and improved AXE Apollo Body Wash 4 Pack. With its exhilarating scent, odor-fighting power, and moisturizing ingredients, this body wash gives you the confidence to be your best self. Get through your busy days feeling fresh, focused and ready for anything with AXE.


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