Avon Today Eau de Parfum for Women, Feminine Floral Scent, 1.7 oz


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Empower Your Spirit with the Floral Freshness of Avon Today

Life moves fast. Make every moment count with the vibrant, feminine fragrance of Avon Today Eau de Parfum. This floral scent captivates the spirit of the modern woman, empowering you to live fully in the present.

A Burst of Florals

Avon Today opens with a bright splash of aquatic accords and fruity notes like apple, blending seamlessly into a blooming floral heart. Lush peony petals, sheer jasmine, and creamy gardenia exude femininity, while transparent water lily adds a touch of freshness.

Soft, Powdery Finish

As the fragrance dries down, smooth sandalwood and earthy vetiver enrich the floralcy at the base. Sheer musks leave a sultry trail of powdery softness, perfectly balancing the vibrance of the fruity and floral notes.

Feel Empowered from Morning to Night

Radiant and energetic, Avon Today Eau de Parfum evokes a sense of joy and freedom. Spritz it on in the morning to start your day with a burst of confidence. The uplifting scent recharges your spirits so you can seize the day. As evening approaches, the powdery dry down creates a soft, sensual effect perfect for date night.

Timeless Appeal

Avon Today suits women of all ages. The fruity opening notes appeal to younger ladies, while the rich florals and musks have sophisticated depth for mature women. The fragrance has a nostalgic charm, yet still smells fresh and relevant.

High Quality Composition

This Eau de Parfum features a high concentration of aroma compounds for superior sillage and longevity. The top notes shine brightly when first applied, the heart blooms within minutes, and the base notes last for hours. The fragrance diffusion is beautifully balanced and smooth.

Beautiful Bottle Design

The bottle captures the spirit of today with clean, modern lines. The transparent glass allows the pink juice to shine like a jewel. A sleek silver cap adds elegance. The Avon logo is etched discretely onto the front for authenticity.

How to Apply

Mist Avon Today onto your pulse points. The wrists, behind the ears, and neck are perfect. Avoid rubbing, as this can crush the scent molecules. Reapply as needed to revive the vibrancy. The fruity and floral notes are uplifting when misted over the hair and clothing.

When to Wear

Avon Today is a versatile scent suitable for day or night. Wear it to the office for a feel-good boost of confidence. The floral heart notes say feminine without being too sweet for the boardroom. For evenings out, the powdery dry down adds allure and intimacy.

Who It’s For

Avon Today was made for the active, positive, modern woman who lives thoughtfully in the moment. She appreciates quality and loves surrounding herself with beautiful things. Try this vibrant fragrance if you identify as:

  • Confident
  • Youthful
  • Energetic
  • Optimistic
  • Charismatic

Delightful Gifting

The charming bottle looks beautiful when wrapped for birthdays, holidays, or as a just because gift. Share Avon Today with the spirited, forward-thinking women in your life. The floral scent empowers and uplifts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind Avon Today Eau de Parfum with a money back guarantee. Try this modern floral fragrance risk-free. If you don’t love it, return for a full refund.

Empower today with the timeless beauty of Avon Today. This vibrant, feminine scent celebrates the confident, charismatic woman. Let the fruity, floral, powdery aroma make every moment brighter.


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