Avon Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum Spray – Limited Edition Floral Fragrance for Women


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Escape to paradise with the limited-edition Avon Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum. This captivating fragrance envelops you in a world of exotic florals and sensual musks, transporting you to a tropical oasis filled with vibrance and allure.

Top Notes of Mandarin and Pear

The top notes burst open with juicy mandarin and sweet pear. These sparkling citrus essences awaken your senses with their bright and cheerful character. They provide an uplifting start to this radiant composition.

Heart Notes of Jasmine and Gardenia

Nestled in the heart of this fragrance is where the tropical magic truly unfolds. Lush white florals like jasmine and gardenia exude their intoxicating floral essences. These creamy blossoms are rich and voluptuous, yet maintain an airy elegance. Their hypnotic scents evoke moonlit strolls through fragrant gardens filled with night-blooming flowers.

Base Notes of Vanilla, Musk and Amber

Finally, the base notes ground this fragrance with warm and sensual touches. Smooth vanilla bean swirls amidst mysterious musks and sparkling amber. These notes envelop you in soft caresses, keeping you wrapped in their embrace long after the first spritz. Their subtle sweetness and depth provide the perfect complement to the effervescent florals.

Radiates Sophistication and Allure

Overall, Avon Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum is a sophisticated yet playful fragrance for women. It radiates luxury and allure, making it perfect for evenings out or special occasions. The shimmering gold bottle also adds an element of glamour and intrigue. Spray on this limited-edition scent to make a stylish statement wherever you go.

How to Apply

Apply to your pulse points like the wrists, neck, and décolletage. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the notes, allowing them to harmonize beautifully. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent’s captivating aura throughout the day or night. For best results, pair with the coordinating Far Away Gold body lotion to layer the notes and increase longevity.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Mandarin, Pear
Heart notes: Jasmine, Gardenia
Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber

Additional Details

  • 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum spray
  • Limited-edition gold bottle
  • Fragrance for women
  • Paraben-free formula
  • Ideal for daily wear or special occasions
  • Apply to pulse points like wrists, neck, and décolletage
  • Works beautifully layered with the coordinating body lotion

Escape to an exotic island paradise with every spritz of Avon’s Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum. This limited-edition floral fragrance surrounds you in tropical elegance and sophisticated allure. The sparkling top notes, seductive white florals, and warm base notes harmonize beautifully for a scent that’s unforgettable. Let your senses be whisked away to an oasis of vibrance with this luxurious Eau de Parfum.


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