Avenova Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Spray – Gentle Daily Hypochlorous Acid Cleanser for Clearer, Healthier Eyes


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Tired of constantly battling dry, irritated, itchy eyes? Want to wake up feeling refreshed instead of rubbing the sleep away? Introducing the Avenova Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser Spray, the gentle daily cleanser that washes away irritants for clearer, healthier eyes.

Formulated with pure hypochlorous acid, Avenova Cleanser Spray removes debris, oil, and buildup from eyelids and lashes without drying or irritating the delicate tissue around the eyes. Proper lid and lash hygiene is clinically proven to relieve chronic eye issues like dry eye, blepharitis, styes, chalazion, and contact lens discomfort.

Ophthalmologists agree, Avenova is the #1 doctor-recommended eyelid and lash cleanser. The patented 0.01% hypochlorous acid solution is powerful enough to fight bacteria, inflammation, and toxins while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. Avenova contains no detergents, soaps, or harsh chemicals – only a patented formula you can trust.

Unlike cheaper copycats, Avenova’s pharmaceutical-grade solution is pure, sterile, and free of contaminants. Previously only available by prescription, this top eyelid cleanser is now accessible to everyone as an over-the-counter product. experience relief with the #1 doctor-recommended brand.

Pure Hypochlorous Acid for Daily Eye Health

Avenova harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid, a compound your body naturally produces to fight infection and heal itself. Researchers found that hypochlorous effectively eliminates microbes and toxins while calming inflammation. Harnessing this natural defense, Avenova removes irritants while soothing sensitive skin.

The 0.01% hypochlorous acid concentration in Avenova is strong enough to remove debris, oil, and bacteria while remaining gentle on delicate eye tissue. Avenova is proud to contain one of the purest hypochlorous acid solutions on the market – no extra chemicals, soaps, or perfumes.

Regular use of Avenova can help manage symptoms of chronic eyelid conditions like blepharitis and dry eye. By removing irritants, Avenova reduces inflammation to keep eyes comfortable throughout the day.

Gentle Lid and Lash Cleanser for All Ages

Avenova is gentle enough for daily use by people of all ages. The non-irritating, non-sensitizing formula is perfect for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive skin. Unlike old fashioned soap-based cleansers, Avenova won’t dry out or sting eyes.

Use Avenova Eyelid Cleanser Spray morning and night as part of your regular hygiene routine. Spray Avenova onto closed eyelids and lashes, then wipe away with a clean tissue. Rinse eyes with cool water afterward.

For best results, make Avenova your daily eye wash. Regular lid and lash cleansing removes irritants before they can cause inflammation or infection. Think of Avenova as toothpaste for your eyes!

Make Lash Extensions Last with Avenova

Got lash extensions? Avenova helps false lashes stay fresh and flawless longer. The hypochlorous acid solution dissolves oil, makeup, and bacteria that shorten the life of lash enhancements.

Most lash shampoos contain soap and oil – ingredients that break down lash adhesive. Avenova is free of oils, detergents, and perfumes that degrade glue. The gentle spray effectively cleans eyelids without compromising eyelash bonds.

Avenova removes pollutants and irritants that could cause styes or infections under false eyelashes. Use daily to prevent oil and biofilm buildup that leads to premature shedding of extensions. Rotate between Avenova and sterile saline solution for optimal lash hygiene.

The #1 Ophthalmologist Recommended Brand

Don’t settle for cheap imitations – Avenova is the #1 doctor recommended eyelid cleanser brand. Ophthalmologists and optometrists trust Avenova to safely and effectively cleanse the delicate eye area.

Avenova was the first over-the-counter hypochlorous acid spray, crafted by ophthalmic pharmaceutical experts. Years of scientific research and clinical testing went into formulating the patented 0.01% hypochlorous acid solution.

Medical professionals recommend Avenova to their patients battling chronic eyelid conditions. Hypochlorous acid removes debris to manage symptoms of blepharitis, dry eye, styes, and other irritations. Get over-the-counter relief with the same product doctors prescribe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Avenova eyelid cleanser?

To use Avenova Eyelid Cleanser Spray:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before use
  2. Shake bottle gently before spraying
  3. Close eyes and spray Avenova directly onto eyelids/lashes
  4. Let sit for 30-60 seconds so solution can work
  5. Gently wipe spray away with a soft, dry tissue
  6. No need to rinse – Avenova leaves no residues
  7. Apply 1-2 times daily or as needed for clean, comfortable eyes

Is Avenova safe for everyday use?

Yes, when used as directed Avenova Eyelid Cleanser Spray is safe for daily use. The non-irritating 0.01% hypochlorous acid solution is gentle for sensitive skin. Ophthalmologists recommend using Avenova lid cleanser 1-2 times per day as part of your regular hygiene routine.

Does Avenova contain bleach?

No, Avenova does NOT contain bleach or harsh chemicals. The active ingredient is pure hypochlorous acid, a compound your body naturally makes to fight infection. Avenova has been specially formulated to be gentle and non-irritating for use around the eyes.

Can Avenova be used with contacts or lash extensions?

Yes, Avenova Eyelid Cleanser Spray is safe for contact lens wearers and lash extensions. The gentle, soap-free formula removes debris without damaging adhesive bonds. Avoid spraying directly into eyes. Rinse contacts with saline solution after use.
Still have questions? Reach out to our product experts who can provide guidance for your specific eye health needs. Pick up Avenova today for cleaner, clearer, healthier eyes tomorrow!


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