Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60 – Lightweight, Hydrating Facial Sunscreen with Prebiotic Oat


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Summer is here and it’s time to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays! Introducing the new Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60. This facial sunscreen goes beyond protection by hydrating and nourishing skin with the power of prebiotic oat.

Lightweight, Fast-Absorbing Facial Sunscreen

The Aveeno facial sunscreen has an innovative formula that feels lightweight and refreshing on skin. It goes on sheer and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue or white cast. The oil-free sunscreen has a clean, matte finish that works well under makeup too.

Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

This sunscreen for face provides broad spectrum SPF 60 protection from both UVA and UVB rays. That’s the highest level of UV protection available in a sunscreen. It helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and early skin aging caused by the sun when used as directed with other sun protection.

Hydrates and Soothes Skin

In addition to sun protection, this facial sunblock also hydrates and soothes skin. It contains nourishing prebiotic oat which helps attract moisture and soften skin. The formula is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. It leaves your complexion smooth, supple, and healthy-looking.

Water and Sweat Resistant

The Aveeno face sunscreen retains its SPF protection for up to 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. That makes it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or hitting the beach. You don’t have to worry about reapplying frequently to maintain coverage.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

This sunblock is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic. The gentle formula won’t irritate skin or cause acne breakouts. It’s even safe to use on eczema or rosacea-prone skin.

Oxybenzone-Free Sun Protection

Many chemical sunscreen filters like oxybenzone are controversial for their potential health and environmental impacts. That’s why Aveeno avoided oxybenzone and uses safer broad spectrum filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in this sunscreen.

Dermatologist Recommended

You can trust Aveeno sunscreen which is recommended by dermatologists and has over 65 years of expertise. Aveeno is dedicated to developing effective suncare powered by science and thoughtfully designed for all skin types.

How to Use

Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Use a shot glass worth to cover your face, neck, and ears. Reapply at least every 2 hours and after swimming/sweating. Use daily for optimal skin protection. Can be used alone or under makeup. For external use only.

Key Features

  • SPF 60 broad spectrum sunscreen for face
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-greasy texture
  • Hydrates skin with prebiotic oat
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic formula suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Water and sweat resistant (80 minutes)
  • Includes antioxidants to combat skin aging
  • Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free
  • Oxybenzone-free, oil-free
  • Dermatologist tested and recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this sunscreen leave a white cast?

No, this facial sunscreen rubs in clear without any white residue or ashiness. It works well on all skin tones.

Can I wear this sunblock under makeup?

Yes, the oil-free and fast-absorbing formula works beautifully as a primer and makeup base. It gives skin a smooth, even canvas for flawless makeup application.

Is this reef safe?

This sunscreen is oxybenzone-free so it is reef-friendly and won’t harm coral reefs. The active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are mineral filters that are environmentally friendly.

Does it sting eyes?

This is an ophthalmologist tested sunscreen formulated to be non-irritating. However, always avoid applying sunscreen directly to the eye area.

What is the shelf life?

Unopened, this sunscreen retains its original SPF protection for 3 years. After opening, it’s effective for 12 months. Always check the expiration date on the bottle.

Protect your skin this summer with the new Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60. Its groundbreaking formula hydrates as it protects for healthy-looking, youthful skin. Pick up a bottle today and experience the power of prebiotic oat in a sunscreen!


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