Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Sunscreen with SPF 50 for Superior Sun Protection


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Keep your child’s delicate skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays with the Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Sunscreen. This broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen lotion provides powerful UVA/UVB protection and is specially formulated for kids’ sensitive skin.

The active ingredient is non-nano zinc oxide, which offers mineral-based sun protection that’s gentle on skin. Zinc oxide sits on top of the skin, acting like a shield to deflect and scatter UV rays. This gives your child superior broad spectrum protection against sunburn, cell damage, and skin cancer risks.

What makes this Aveeno sunscreen tear-free and ideal for kids is the inclusion of soothing colloidal oatmeal. Oat kernels are finely milled into tiny particles that penetrate skin and help calm irritation. The oatmeal extract relieves redness and itching, while locking in moisture.

Applying sunscreen can be a struggle with squirmy children, but this formula glides onto skin smoothly without stinging. It leaves a non-greasy finish that won’t feel heavy or sticky. The lightweight texture also allows you to layer it under makeup or mix it with moisturizer.

As an active kids sunscreen lotion, this sweat-resistant and water-resistant formula provides 80 minutes of protection even when your child is swimming, running around, or playing sports. You’ll only need to reapply after towel drying, excessive sweating, or every 2 hours.

While chemical sunscreens can irritate and be absorbed into bloodstream, this mineral sunscreen lotion is free of worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone and avobenzone. It’s also hypoallergenic and tested by pediatricians and dermatologists.

What Parents Love About This Sunscreen:

Mineral-based zinc oxide sunscreen is gentle on kids’ delicate skin
Sweat-resistant and water-resistant for 80 minutes of sun protection
Soothing colloidal oatmeal relieves itching and dryness
Glides on easily and absorbs quickly without stinging
Leaves a non-greasy, lightweight finish that’s not sticky
Free of oxybenzone, avobenzone, parabens, phthalates, and fragrances
Hypoallergenic and tested for sensitive skin
Sun Safety Tips for Kids:

Apply sunscreen liberally 15-30 minutes before sun exposure
Use broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen on all exposed skin
Reapply at least every 2 hours and after swimming/sweating
Seek shade whenever possible during peak sun hours
Wear protective clothing like hats, shirts, and UV-blocking sunglasses
Monitor the UV index daily and limit time outside when it’s high
Give your child sunburn protection they’ll actually let you apply with this tear-free, fast-absorbing sunscreen lotion. The mineral-based sensitive skin formula is designed just for kids. Slather it on before beach days, pool time, summer camp, or any outdoor activity to block sun damage. Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection Sunscreen delivers superior broad spectrum SPF 50 in a formula pediatricians recommend for children’s delicate skin.


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