Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Pack of 3 – 2.5 Ounce Each for Daily Use on Body, Face and Hands


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Keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day long with the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This dermatologist-recommended, non-greasy formula is enriched with soothing oat essence and emollients that leave skin nourished for up to 24 hours. The unique blend helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance and improve skin barrier function to keep moisture locked in.

This pack of 3 contains 2.5 ounce bottles, perfect for keeping one at home, one in your bag and one on your desk. The fragrance-free moisturizer absorbs quickly without leaving behind a greasy feel or shine, making it ideal for all skin types including sensitive. It can be used daily on the face, hands and body.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 3, 2.5 ounce bottles of daily facial and body moisturizing lotion
  • Dermatologist-recommended for daily use to hydrate dry skin
  • Unique formula with soothing oat essence helps restore skin’s natural moisture
  • Clinically shown to improve skin’s moisture barrier and keep skin soft and smooth
  • Fast-absorbing, non-greasy, fragrance-free moisturizer leaves no shine or residue
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin; can be used on face, hands and body
  • Helps relieve dry, itchy skin and maintain skin’s healthy moisture balance
  • Proven to keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours

Gentle Moisturization for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion provides soothing relief for dry, itchy and sensitive skin. The unique formula contains colloidal oatmeal, a natural ingredient known for its skin-calming benefits. Oat essence helps restore skin’s pH and strengthen its moisture barrier to prevent dryness.

This dermatologist-recommended lotion is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. It’s hypoallergenic and free of fragrances and harmful chemicals. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy texture doesn’t leave skin feeling heavy or look shiny, making it ideal for daily use.

Clinically Proven to Keep Skin Hydrated

Aveeno lotions are tested in state-of-the-art clinical labs to ensure they provide real visible results. Studies show this fragrance-free moisturizer significantly improves skin’s moisture content, leaving it feeling smoother and softer for up to 24 hours.

Regular use helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and restore its natural pH balance. This helps skin retain moisture and prevents excessive dryness. Within 1 week of daily use, skin becomes visibly healthier-looking and more vibrant.

How to Use

Smooth a quarter-sized amount of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion over face, hands and body as needed. For best results, apply twice a day or as needed. This fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion absorbs quickly without leaving behind a white cast or residue. It can be applied to damp or dry skin anytime your skin needs a moisture boost.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is gentle enough for daily use on all skin types, including sensitive. The hypoallergenic formula is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. It balances skin’s pH levels and contains no fragrances, parabens, phthalates or harsh chemicals.

This moisturizer provides soothing relief from dryness and itching caused by eczema, psoriasis and winter weather. It hydrates without leaving a greasy feel, so it’s ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. The oil-free lotion absorbs quickly and restores smoothness to rough, uneven skin texture.


What is the shelf life of Aveeno lotions?

Unopened Aveeno lotions typically have a shelf life of 3 years from the manufacturing date. Once opened, it’s best to use the product within 6-12 months.

Does Aveeno contain steroids?

No, Aveeno products do not contain steroids. The active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which has natural skin-soothing properties to help relieve dryness and irritation.

Is Aveeno good for eczema?

Yes, Aveeno is a top dermatologist-recommended brand for eczema and sensitive skin. The colloidal oatmeal helps provide relief from itchy, irritated skin caused by eczema.

Is Aveeno good for your face?

Yes, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is formulated to be gentle on the face. It absorbs quickly without clogging pores or causing acne. It provides hydration without being too greasy for facial skin.

Key Benefits

  • Pack of 3 bottles, 2.5 ounces each
  • Dermatologist-recommended for dry, sensitive skin
  • Clinically shown to improve moisture for 24 hours
  • Restores skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Fragrance-free, non-comedogenic
  • Soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin
  • Calms eczema flare-ups
  • Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy residue
  • Gentle enough for daily facial use

Treat your skin to soothing hydration and restore soft, smooth comfort with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This dermatologist-recommended moisturizer nourishes skin for 24 hours. The pack of three 2.5 ounce bottles provides you with a supply to last months. Aveeno uses the goodness of nature and the power of science to keep your skin healthy and glowing every day.


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