Aussie Kids Moist Detangler Spray for Tangle-Free, Nourished Hair (8 fl oz)


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Is your child constantly struggling with tangled, unruly hair? As a parent, you want to care for their hair in the gentlest way possible. Introducing the Aussie Kids Moist Detangler Spray – specially formulated to smooth and detangle kids’ hair, while keeping it nourished and healthy.

Effortlessly Detangles All Hair Types

The Aussie Kids Detangler Spray is designed for kid’s delicate hair. It gently smooths and untangles hair, eliminating knots and frizz. The formula is safe for all hair types – curly, straight, thick, or fine. Simply mist onto dry or damp hair before brushing. Your child will love how soft, smooth and tangle-free their hair feels!

Nourishes Hair with Australian Botanicals

This detangler contains natural Australian botanical ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera. The jojoba oil mimics the natural oils produced by the scalp, locking in moisture. Meanwhile, the aloe vera soothes the hair and adds shine. These ingredients deeply nourish hair, preventing dryness and breakage. Kids’ hair will feel touchably soft and healthy.

Free of Harsh Chemicals

At Aussie, we believe in safe ingredients for the whole family. This detangler spray is free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and animal testing. It’s safe for kids’ delicate scalps and won’t cause irritation. You can spray generously without worry.

Multipurpose Styling Tool

The Aussie Kids Detangler Spray doesn’t just tackle tangles – it’s a multipurpose styling tool! Use it to refresh 2nd-day hairstyles by misting onto dry hair. To reduce frizz, spray onto damp hair before heat styling. You can even work it through dry ends as a leave-in conditioner. It makes styling versatile and easy for kids.

Kid-Friendly Fruity Scent

This detangler has a refreshing fruity scent that kids love. With top notes of juicy pineapple, berry and citrus, it smells good enough to eat! The revitalizing fragrance energizes the senses so kids wake up ready to take on the day.

Brand You Can Trust

With over 30 years of hair expertise, Aussie is a brand you can trust for your child’s hair. We’ve helped define the Australian hair care market with salon-quality results. Our passion is empowering people to achieve their best hair. With the Aussie Kids collection, we’re bringing that same expertise tailored to kids’ hair needs.

How to Use

Using the Aussie Kids Detangler Spray is simple:

Apply evenly onto dry or damp hair before brushing. Concentrate on tangled areas like ends and nape of neck.
For dry hair, mist 4-5 sprays per section. For damp hair, 2-3 sprays.
Use a wide-tooth comb or Wet Brush to gently smooth out knots and tangles.
Style hair as desired – air dry, blow dry or heat style.
For touch-ups, lightly mist over dry hair to refresh styles.
The Aussie Kids Detangler Spray transforms hair care for kids. No more tears over painful tangles! Children develop healthy hair habits while parents have an easy, safe solution. With its delightful scent and caring ingredients, it makes toddlers to teens love their gorgeous, frizz-free locks.

What Customers Are Saying

★★★★★ “This detangler spray is a lifesaver for my daughter’s thick, wavy hair. She used to scream whenever I brushed her hair because it tangled so badly. Now brushing time is so much easier with no tears! I spray it on her damp hair and can comb through with no problems. Her hair dries soft and frizz-free. The smell is amazing too!” – Mary L.

★★★★★ “I’ve tried several detangler sprays for my son but they made his hair crunchy or flaky. This Aussie one is fantastic – it smoothes out knots so I can brush through gently. Leaves his fine hair soft without residue. He loves the fun fruity scent too. It’s replaced 3 other detanglers in our bathroom!” – James T.

★★★★★ “My curly haired daughter hates when I brush her hair. But this Aussie detangler spray is a game changer! Now she lets me comb through withoutcomplaints. Her curls look defined instead of frizzy too. I use it on damp hair before styling or refreshing her hair. The formula is so moisturizing and doesn’t weigh her curls down. We’re hooked!” – Christine P.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our Aussie Kids Detangler Spray. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return it for a full refund.

Bring out your child’s gorgeous, healthy locks with the Aussie Kids Detangler Spray! Add it to your cart today.


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