Aussie Hairspray Strong Hold with Jojoba and Sea Kelp Extracts – Maximum Hold That Lasts All Day (3-Pack)


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Get ready to take your hair styling to the next level with the amazing hold and shine provided by Aussie’s Strong Hold Hairspray. Now available in a convenient 3-pack, you’ll have plenty of this salon-quality hairspray on hand to keep your locks in place from morning ’til night.

Formulated with Australian jojoba oil and nutrient-rich sea kelp extracts, Aussie Hairspray gives you long-lasting hold and healthy-looking hair. The jojoba oil conditions and moisturizes for soft, touchable strands, while the sea kelp extract provides vitamins and minerals that improve shine and strength. Your hair will look and feel its absolute best.

This maximum-strength hairspray provides an extreme, all-day hold that outlasts even the most demanding days.Humidity and wind are no match for its powerful hold. Just spray it on damp or dry hair and get ready to turn heads with your flawless, frizz-free styles. The fast-drying formula won’t stiffen or flake either, allowing you to layer and reapply as needed for maximum flexibility in creating any look you desire.

Salon-Quality Hold That Lasts

Aussie Hairspray is specially formulated to provide extra strong hold that lasts for hours. No matter what the weather or activity, this hairspray will lock your style in place from morning to night. Other sprays don’t even come close to the extreme hold you get from this salon-quality product.

Infused with Jojoba Oil and Sea Kelp

This hairspray contains two powerful natural ingredients – jojoba oil and sea kelp extract. The jojoba oil conditions and moisturizes each strand, leaving hair touchably soft instead of dried out and brittle. Sea kelp extract provides essential vitamins and minerals to nourish hair follicles and improve shine and strength over time.

Gentle Even for Frequent Use

Unlike other maximum-hold hairsprays that can damage hair with repeated use, this formula is gentle enough for daily styling. The fast-drying spray won’t flake or leave behind a sticky residue. You can layer and reapply as needed without stiffness or crunchy texture in your locks.

Light Citrus Scent

Enjoy a light, refreshing citrus scent as you spray this hairspray in your hair. Hints of floral and aquatic notes provide an invigorating aroma that isn’t overpowering. You’ll love how your hair looks and smells all day long.

Use on All Hair Types

No matter your hair type – straight, wavy, curly, thick or fine – this hairspray provides the extreme hold you need. The flexible formula won’t weight hair down or leave it looking dull and lifeless. Even the most unruly, frizzy hair stays under control.

Spray Liberally for Best Results

Don’t be shy with this hairspray! Apply liberally and evenly from roots to ends to achieve maximum hold. For touch-ups, spray just 3-4 inches from styled hair to set the look in place without disturbing your beautiful work. You can also mist over hairpins and clips to make sure they stay put all day.

Directions for Use:

Style damp or dry hair as desired using heat tools or sculpting products.
Hold can 6-8 inches from hair and spray liberally over all of your locks, from roots to tips. Make sure hair is fully saturated.
Let dry completely. Do not comb through or disturb hair while drying for best hold.
For touch-ups or to set clips/pins, spray 3-4 inches from styled hair to set look in place without disruption.
Reapply as needed for all-day hold in any weather conditions. Layer for extra strong hold on stubborn hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this hairspray damage hair with repeated use?

No, this formula is gentle enough for daily styling thanks to nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and sea kelp extract.

Is this hairspray easy to wash out?

Yes, it rinses out easily with shampoo and water, so you can start fresh each day with clean hair.

Does it leave flakes or residue in the hair?

No, it goes on cleanly without any stickiness or flaky white residue. Your hair will have touchable texture and healthy shine.

How long does the hold actually last?

It will keep your style locked in place for up to 24 hours, even in heat, humidity, and wind. The extreme all-day hold is water resistant as well.

Can it be used on color-treated or chemically processed hair?

Absolutely! This formula is safe for all hair types including color-treated, permed, or chemically straightened hair.

What’s the scent like?

It has a light, refreshing citrus fragrance with hints of floral and aquatic notes. The scent isn’t overpowering.

Is this hairspray environmentally friendly?

Yes, it uses recycled packaging and the formula does not contain harsh chemicals. The product and packaging are biodegradable and friendly for regular drain disposal.

So for salon-quality hold that outlasts the weather, activities, and anything else life throws your way, pick up this long-lasting, frizz-fighting Aussie Hairspray today. Your hair will stay locked into perfection with flexible, touchable hold that never goes crunchy or stiff.


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