Aunt Jackie’s Curl Defining Custard – Lightweight Curl Cream for Frizz-Free Definition


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Get ready to take your curls from drab to fab with Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Custard. This top-selling curl cream helps enhance and define your curls, coils or waves without weighing them down or leaving behind crunchy residue. Formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, Curl La La moisturizes hair while giving you long-lasting curl definition and frizz control.

Lightweight Definition for All Curl Types

Curl La La glides onto hair smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy feeling behind. The lightweight custard formula won’t weigh down your curls or leave them looking stiff or crunchy. It’s great for 3A to 4C hair types and works on coils, curls, waves and everything in between. Whether you have loose beachy waves or tight spirals, this curl defining custard will help enhance your texture.

Fights Frizz and Dryness

Humidity and dryness are curly hair’s worst enemies. Thankfully, Curl La La has ingredients that help provide protection. The olive oil and shea butter add moisture to condition strands and lock it in. Plus, the custard creates a flexible gel cast that keeps frizz at bay. Your curls will look smooth and defined even when the weather tries to wreck your style.

Shea Butter for Softness

The shea butter in Curl La La’s formula does double duty. First, it acts as a natural conditioner and moisturizer to soften strands and improve elasticity. Second, it helps form the gel cast on hair to lock in moisture and prevent frizz. So while your curls look defined on the outside, they’ll feel touchably soft.

Olive Oil for Shine

In addition to shea butter, Curl La La contains olive oil for extra moisturizing power. Olive oil is light enough not to weigh your curls down, but it helps boost shine and silkiness. Your coils will not only look healthy and hydrated but also catch the light beautifully.

Long-Lasting Definition

Curl La La doesn’t just give your curls a temporary boost – it helps keep them defined all day long. The olive oil and shea butter condition hair and improve elasticity so your coils easily spring back into shape. Meanwhile, the gel-like custard forms a cast to lock in moisture. Definition lasts from morning until night.

Extremely Versatile

You can use Curl La La in many different ways to achieve your desired look. For extra defined curls, apply it after wash and go styles or on soaking wet hair. You can also use it to refresh 2nd or 3rd day curls and redefine any pieces that got wonky. For looser waves, apply sparingly to damp hair. Curl La La also works amazingly well for twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots and more!

How to Use

After cleansing and conditioning hair, section hair and apply Curl La La in palm-sized amounts from roots to ends. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute it throughout curls. Let hair air dry or diffuse for best results. Once dry, gently “scrunch out the crunch” to break the gel cast and reveal soft, defined curls.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight custard formula won’t weigh hair down
  • Enhanced definition and frizz control
  • Shea butter and olive oil provide moisture
  • Gives hair shine and silkiness
  • Creates soft, touchable curls without crunch
  • Versatile for wash and goes, twist outs, braid outs, etc.

Smooth Defined Curls Await!

Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Curl Defining Custard makes it easy to take your textured tresses to the next level. The lightweight custard formula smooths and defines curls, coils and waves without stiffness or stickiness. Natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter lock in moisture to boost softness and sheen. For frizz-free curls that last, Curl La La is a must have.

Pick up a jar of this top-rated curl enhancing custard and see the definition and shine it brings to your beautiful curls!


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