As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Soothing Oil Treatment – Fights Dandruff and Soothes Itching


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Tired of an itchy, flaky scalp? Looking for relief from the irritation of dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis? Search no more! The As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Oil Treatment is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for itchy, dry scalps.

This 4 ounce bottle of concentrated treatment oil harness the power of salicylic acid, olive oil, and tea tree oil to combat flaky, itchy scalps. The key ingredients work together to exfoliate dead skin cells, moisturize the scalp, and reduce inflammation and irritation.

Relieves Annoying Scalp Itch and Flaking

The As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Oil uses 1.8% salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the scalp and loosen flakes and debris. This allows for a deeper cleanse while removing buildup that can cause irritation.

Olive oil and tea tree oil add nourishing moisture and nutrients to the scalp, easing dryness and reducing itch. The hydrating oils also create a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. No more scratching your head in public!

Regular use helps diminish pesky flaking and itching associated with common scalp conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis. The oil treatment brings soothing relief, allowing your scalp to heal.

Nourishing Ingredients Repair and Soothe

This treatment oil relies on natural ingredients to comfort and heal the scalp. Key ingredients include:

Salicylic Acid – Exfoliates dead skin cells, clears pores and follicles, reduces inflammation and redness
Olive Oil – Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the scalp
Tea Tree Oil – Contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce infection and irritation
These ingredients work synergistically to remove debris, hydrate the scalp, and reduce reactions that can cause itching and flaking. The oil absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue.

Fights Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and Psoriasis

Flaking, itching, redness – these unpleasant scalp symptoms often result from common skin conditions like:

Dandruff – Caused by dry skin, irritated skin, or a yeast-like fungus
Seborrheic Dermatitis – Red, scaly patches caused by fungus and inflammation
Psoriasis – Autoimmune condition that causes buildup of skin cells, resulting in red, flaky patches
The As I Am Itchy Scalp Oil works to treat these conditions by removing dead skin cells, reducing inflammation, and fighting fungi/infections. The oil helps restore the scalp’s protective barrier and reduce recurrence of symptoms.

Regular use can help minimize embarrassing dandruff flakes and scalp itching caused by these conditions. The oil treats the root causes for long-lasting relief.

Easy Application for Quick Relief

It’s easy to incorporate this treatment oil into your haircare routine. Simply apply to affected areas of the scalp as needed. Part hair to allow direct application to the scalp itself.

Apply 1-2 pumps directly onto scalp
Gently massage into affected areas
Allow oil to absorb for 5 minutes before styling hair as desired
Can be used 1-2 times daily or as needed
The oil can be used alone or in conjunction with your favorite shampoos and conditioners. Use anytime your scalp feels dry, tight, or itchy for quick relief.

Customers report the pleasant, herbal scent from natural ingredients. The oil absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

Achieve Scalp Comfort with As I Am

If your scalp woes have you scratching your head in frustration, make the As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Oil Treatment your new go-to product. Customers love its ability to relieve scalp itch and flakes quickly and effectively.

The natural ingredients and targeted formula provide soothing comfort even for the most stubborn scalp conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Treat your scalp to some much-needed TLC with this hydrating, medicated oil. Ditch the flakes and itch for good with the As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Care Oil Treatment!


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