ARTMAN STORE Scent-Sational Perfume Gift Set – Eau de Toilette Spray, Travel Bag, and Refillable Bottle


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Treat yourself or a loved one to an intoxicating scent experience with the ARTMAN STORE Scent-Sational Perfume Gift Set. This set includes a 6.7 oz Eau de Toilette spray, a chic travel bag, and a refillable perfume bottle so you can take your favorite fragrance wherever you go.

The Eau de Toilette spray features a unisex aroma that is fresh, clean, and invigorating. Top notes of citrus and aquatic accords mingle with middle notes of lily, jasmine, and rose on a base of musk and amber. The result is a vibrant, energetic scent that brightens any mood.

To keep this vivacious fragrance with you on the go, the set includes a sleek travel bag. Made of vegan leather, this bag has a luxe look and feel while remaining animal-friendly. The interior features a zippered compartment and elastic bands to keep your perfume and other toiletries securely in place. An exterior zipper pocket provides extra storage. Carry it by the handles or use the adjustable shoulder strap when you need to travel hands-free.

The refillable spray bottle allows you to refresh your fragrance over and over. Made of glass with a secure leakproof pump, it holds 200 ml of your favorite Eau de Toilette. When one bottle runs out, simply transfer the perfume to the refillable container so you never run out of that intoxicating scent you love.

This perfume gift set makes a thoughtful present for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more. Surprise your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or any special someone who loves fragrances with this useful set. It shows you pay attention to their interests while providing a practical gift they’ll use again and again.

Reasons to Love this Perfume Gift Set:

Eau de Toilette features a unisex, invigorating scent with citrus, floral, and musky notes

Travel bag keeps fragrances secure with interior compartments and exterior pocket

Vegan leather gives the bag a luxurious look and feel

Refillable spray bottle holds 200 ml of perfume to refresh scent as needed

Great for travel, work, everyday use, and more situations

Perfect gift idea for scent lovers in your life

Give the gift of gorgeous fragrance they can take anywhere with the ARTMAN STORE Scent-Sational Perfume Gift Set. The Eau de Toilette, travel bag, and refillable bottle combine to create a useful, thoughtful present for perfume enthusiasts.

An Invigorating Unisex Scent for All

The highlight of this gift set is the vibrant 6.7 oz Eau de Toilette spray. This perfume features a balanced, unisex aroma that both women and men will love.

The top notes create an energizing first impression with bright citrus and cool aquatic accords. As the fragrance develops, the middle notes reveal a floral heart of lily, jasmine, and rose. Finally, base notes of musk and amber add warmth and sensuality.

This exhilarating scent transitions smoothly from day to night. Spritz it on in the morning to feel refreshed and confident. The breezy top notes create an aura of optimism to seize the day. As the florals bloom, the perfume takes on a more romantic vibe for evening.

No matter when you wear it, this Eau de Toilette is sure to turn heads. The vibrant scent projects just enough to make people notice without overpowering. Instead of shouting, it intrigues people enough to draw them in closer.

Spray it on pulse points like the wrists, neck, and d√©colletage so the fragrance gently wafts with your body heat. This tempts others to lean in to discover more about that compelling scent you’re wearing.

Take Your Scent Anywhere

You’ll love this fragrance so much, you’ll want to take it everywhere you go. That’s where the luxe travel bag comes in handy.

Made from vegan leather, this bag shows you don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics. The material has a rich, supple feel that looks high-end. The all-black color and gold hardware give it a hint of edge.

The compartments inside keep your fragrance and toiletries organized. An elastic band secures the Eau de Toilette firmly in place to prevent spills and leaks during transit. More elastic loops hold bottles and tubes upright so lids stay tightly closed.

The main storage area provides ample space for additional items like makeup, skincare, hair products, and more. Just zip it closed before heading out to keep everything neat and secure.

An exterior zippered pocket offers a convenient spot to stash smaller items you need quick access to. Stow away your lipstick, breath mints, headphones or whatever else you use frequently. The external pocket saves you from digging around inside your bag.

Use the dual handles when you want to carry the bag by hand. Or slide on the adjustable shoulder strap to go hands-free. The strap extends from 25 to 53 inches to accommodate petite to tall frames.

With this bag’s savvy storage and flexibility, you can take your fragrance and toiletries anywhere!

Never Run Out with Refillable Bottle

You won’t need to repurchase this intoxicating scent anytime soon thanks to the refillable spray bottle. This empty 200 ml container lets you refresh your perfume supply over and over.

Made of glass with a leakproof pump, it safely holds your Eau de Toilette so you get every precious drop. The transparent material shows you when the level is running low.

When your original 6.7 oz bottle is empty, simply transfer the remaining perfume to the refillable bottle. Use a funnel to prevent spills and waste. Then order a refill to top it off again.

Having a refillable container means you never have to be without your new signature scent. This bottle’s large capacity buys you extra time between buying more perfume.

The high-quality glass and pump ensure the fragrance stays intact. Cheaper plastic bottles can react with perfume oils or let the scent evaporate. But this bottle preserves the notes perfectly until the last spray.

Between the Eau de Toilette itself, the travel bag, and refillable container, this gift set equips perfume lovers to enjoy their favorite scent anywhere, anytime!

An Ideal Gift for Perfume Enthusiasts

Trying to find a unique gift for the fragrance fanatic in your life? This perfume set is the perfect present!

It shows you pay attention to their passion for scent and want to enhance their experience. The travel bag and refillable bottle add convenience they’ll appreciate every day.

Surprise your girlfriend who switches up her perfumes more often that her outfits. This set allows her to take those scents on the go.

Treat your boyfriend who loves smelling fresh whether he’s at the gym or an elegant dinner. Now he can refresh his cologne anywhere.

Gift it to your wife on your anniversary to remind her how the years have only increased your love. She can spray on the perfume and feel as vibrant as your bond.

Give it to your husband on his birthday to help him feel young, confident, and bold this next year.

This useful fragrance set also makes a fantastic gift for:

Teen girls learning about perfume for the first time
Fragrance fanatics who own dozens of scents
Commuters who move between home, work, and the gym
Jetsetters who travel frequently for work or fun
No matter who the recipient, this gift shows your thoughtfulness and generosity. Watch their eyes light up as they unwrap the Eau de Toilette, travel bag, and refillable bottle. Then get ready for them to exclaim “This scent is amazing!” as soon as they try it on.

Treat someone special to this Scent-Sational Perfume Gift Set from ARTMAN STORE today!


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