Armaf Tag Her By Eau De Parfum Spray for Women – Alluring Oriental Floral Scent with Notes of Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Vanilla


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Introducing the captivating new fragrance for women, Armaf Tag Her By Eau De Parfum. This oriental floral scent is bold yet beautifully feminine, blending top notes of pink pepper and neroli with heart notes of rose, jasmine and honeysuckle. An alluring base of creamy vanilla, caramel and musk completes the composition for a sophisticated perfume that demands to be noticed.

Inside the stylish clear bottle awaits a precious elixir that envelops you in an intoxicating floral aura. The first spritz fills the air with an electrifying pop of pink pepper, bergamot and neroli – brisk, bright and effervescent. As the perfume unfolds on your skin, dewy petals of jasmine, orange blossom and rose emerge, their voluptuous richness intertwining with the nectarous sweetness of honeysuckle.

Nestled close to the skin, notes of sensual labdanum, musk and vanilla leave a lingering trail of feminine mystique and magnetic allure. This hypnotic floral Oriental fragrance beckons those around you closer with each captivating pulse. Let the passion of Tag Her transport you to a world of your own – where confidence, charisma and grace rule supreme.

Top Notes

The opening of Tag Her is an effervescent pop of pink pepper, bergamot and neroli. Pink pepper electrifies the blend with its vibrant, spicy aroma – adding a dash of excitement and verve. Bergamot contributes a bright, citrusy vibe with its sunny Mediterranean fruitiness. Neroli, distilled from the fragrant white blossoms of bitter orange trees, imparts a clean, inviting floralcy. Together these radiant top notes provide an instantly energizing sensation.

Heart Notes

As Tag Her glides gracefully from its lively opening, the heart blooms with voluptuous florals including jasmine, orange blossom, rose, iris and honeysuckle. Creamy jasmine and sunny orange blossom mingle in narcotic harmony – their indolic facets intensifying the perfume’s exotic sensuality. Rose brings its timeless femininity and grace, while powdery iris roots the blend with its earthy smoothness. Sweet honeysuckle adds a touch of golden nectar and vibrant luminosity. This bouquet of passion-stirring florals kindles magnetic attraction.

Base Notes

Nestled close to the skin, a trinity of warm, ambery base notes ensures Tag Her leaves a trail of mystique and allure. Labdanum, a resinous secretion from Mediterranean rockrose shrubs, provides a sensual ambergris-like depth. Creamy vanilla and gourmand caramel wrap the perfume in soft sensuality, their subtly edible nuances blending exquisitely with the florals. And trailing musk brings an unmistakable aura of skin-like radiance. Together these hushed base notes speak of femininity, confidence and grace.

When to Wear

With its artful balance of radiance and mystery, Tag Her by Armaf is a versatile fragrance for women that transcends seasons and occasions. Its floral warmth and creamy sweetness make it ideal for cooler weather, enveloping you on crisp days in an invisible cashmere wrap. Yet its effervescent citrus opening gives it enough vibrancy for warmer weather too. Apply liberally for evenings out, special occasions and romantic encounters to leave a captivating impression.

How to Apply

To fully experience the evocative essence of Tag Her, apply generously to pulse points on both the neck and wrists. This allows its intricate layers to unfold uniquely on your skin while also creating an alluring floral sillage. Mist over your décolletage to draw the eye. Spritz through freshly-washed hair to leave a subtle floral refrain in your tresses. Reapply throughout the day or night whenever you want to refresh the magnetic effect. With its artistic composition, Tag Her is a perfume to be savored.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

For the sophisticated modern woman who wants her signature scent to make a statement, Tag Her Eau de Parfum is a must-try. This sultry floral Oriental brings together light and shadow, innocence and experience, levity and depth for a woman who revels in her multi-dimensionality. Let Armaf adorn your fragrance collection with this conversation-starting elixir housed in an elegant clear bottle. Tag Her is a perfume that demands attention – so give it yours.


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