Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Women Eau de Parfum – Alluring Floral Scent for a Mesmerizing Presence


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Escape to an enchanting world with the floral opulence of Armaf Club De Nuit Intense for women. This alluring eau de parfum envelops you in a captivating blend of rich florals and warm, spicy notes for a signature scent that commands attention.

Top Notes of Vibrant Geranium and Exotic Saffron

The composition opens with an inviting medley of geranium and saffron. The geranium lifts the scent with its fresh, rosy hue while accents of saffron add a touch of the exotic. Together they create an elegant first impression.

Heart Notes of Rose, Caraway, and Nutmeg

At the heart lies an opulent floral bouquet dominated by voluptuous rose and spiced with caraway and nutmeg. The rose blooms into full, narcotic effect, unfolding its petals to reveal wave after wave of rich, honeyed nuances. Hints of caraway and nutmeg add warmth and texture, bringing out the inherent femininity of the rose.

Base Notes of Sensual Amber, Patchouli, and Vanilla

The base notes beckon you into their sultry embrace with a trio of amber, patchouli, and vanilla. Earthy patches of patchouli blend with the sweet creaminess of vanilla and amber’s honey-like scent for a harmonious foundation. This addictive combination lingers long after application, leaving a trail of intrigue in its wake.

An Alluring Scent that Makes a Statement

Club De Nuit Intense is a fragrance to remember. It announces your arrival and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go. The bold floral heart exudes confidence and sensuality while warm base notes add an air of mystery. You’ll turn heads in the best possible way when wearing this perfume.

Utmostly Long Lasting, Leaves a Scent Trail

While many fragrances fade quickly, Club De Nuit Intense is built to last. It starts strong with an ample sillage, allowing its exotic, floral bouquet to announce itself. The fragrance remains present over hours, trailing you in a gorgeous cloud of scent. You may reapply for extra richness, but its tenacious formula continues releasing its mystifying aroma all day or night.

Perfect for Romantic Evenings and Special Occasions

With its seductive yet sophisticated aura, Club De Nuit Intense is ideal for romantic rendezvous and momentous events. Its lush floral heart and spicy-sweet undertones make it intensely alluring. Let this perfume captivate your partner’s senses and set the mood for an unforgettable evening. For momentous occasions, it makes a dazzling impression that’s impossible to ignore.

Can Be Worn Year-Round

While intensely floral, this fragrance maintains a well-rounded, multi-faceted character. Its spices and woods provide warmth while floral notes add freshness. You can reach for it year-round, during the day or night. The richness plays well off heat in summer while amber and vanilla nuances provide a cozy feel for winter.

Unisex Appeal – Suitable for Both Women and Men

With its artful blend of rose, amber, and patchouli, Club De Nuit Intense has a unisex appeal. The rose brings out its femininity while notes of oud, patchouli, and vanilla give it a sensual edge. Both women and men can don this scent for an irresistible presence. It makes a fantastic scent for couples to share.

Skin-Friendly Formula

The fragrance derives from quality ingredients and contains no harsh synthetic chemicals. It’s specially formulated toavoid skin irritation or allergies. You can spritz freely without worries, even on sensitive areas like your neck and wrists. The scent interacts beautifully with body chemistry to smell like it was made for you.

Elegant Bottle Design for Display

Housed within a sleek glass bottle, Club De Nuit Intense makes a graceful statement even on your vanity. Its column-like shape and curved silhouette echo the contours of antique perfume bottles. Silver accents, including a decorative cap, complete the luxe look. The bold pink juice provides a pop of color.

Armaf – Excellence, Artistry, and Passion for Perfumes

Armaf crafts this women’s eau de parfum with a commitment to quality. Based in France, they bring generations of perfumery expertise to every creation. Club De Nuit Intense exhibits their artistry through its complex, long lasting scent. With Armaf, you can trust you’re getting a masterfully designed, indulgent perfume.

Add an Alluring Scent to Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Club De Nuit Intense is a must-have for the perfume lover. Its rich floral heart provides a sensual signature fragrance to complement your unique style. Spritz it on for evenings out or special dates when you want to leave a lasting impression. With beguiling complexity and excellent longevity, this Armaf perfume makes a fine addition to your fragrance collection.


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