ARMAF Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT for Men – Alluring Scent for Sophisticated Nightlife


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Step into the alluring world of nightlife sophistication with the ARMAF Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT for Men. This provocative fragrance blends exotic fruits, florals, and warm vanilla for a scent that’s perfect for date nights, parties, and late nights out on the town.

Top Notes Burst with Zesty, Fruity Freshness

The top notes offer an exhilarating introduction to this fragrance, with bursts of bergamot, lemon, pineapple, and black currant. The citrus fruits mix with the tangy black currant to deliver an opening that’s fresh, fruity, and lively.

Heart Notes Evolve into Rich Florals

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal a lush floral character. The birch adds a hint of natural greenness, while the jasmine and rose bloom into a romantic and multi-faceted floral bouquet at the fragrance’s core.

Base Notes Wrap You in Warm, Sensual Vanilla

Finally, the base notes create a trail of mystery and allure. The vanilla brings a creamy, balsamic sweetness, blending with traces of ambergris and patchouli. The patchouli adds depth and muskiness, while the ambergris provides an animalic sensuality. Together, they leave an unforgettable impression.

Perfect for Date Nights and Special Occasions

With its mix of fruits, florals, and warm vanilla musk, ARMAF Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT is ideal for romantic evenings and special occasions. The sensual base notes in particular give this fragrance an aura of confidence and seduction, making it a great signature scent for date nights when you want to make an impression.

Alluring Scent for Nightlife and After Dark

This fragrance will also be right at home in nightclubs, cocktail bars, and any venue with an aura of sophistication and glamour. The exotic fruits and vanilla provide the perfect amount of allure for feeling confident and seductive during your nighttime adventures.

Long-Lasting Performance You Can Rely On

With its well-blended mix of notes, ARMAF Club De Nuit Intense Man provides performance you can trust. The fragrance lasts over 8 hours on skin, so you can spray in the evening knowing it will still be there well into the night. It also leaves a subtle scent trail, so you’ll continue to intrigue those around you.

High-Quality Composition and Presentation

This fragrance features a high-quality composition with over 10% perfume concentration. It is beautifully presented in an elegant black glass bottle, allowing the amber juice to catch the light. The classy packaging makes it a great gift, or as an addition to your own fragrance wardrobe.

Discover Nightlife Glamour in a Bottle

Step into an aura of allure and sophistication with the ARMAF Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT for Men. With exhilarating fruits, romantic florals, and warm, sensual vanilla, this fragrance evokes the mystery and glamour of the night. Perfect for date nights, special events, and adventurous evenings, it will make you shine after dark.


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