Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Body Mist (8.0 Fluid Ounce)


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Experience the heavenly scent of Ariana Grande’s Cloud with this luxurious body mist. Inspired by the feeling of being up in the clouds, this fragrance opens with an uplifting blend of lavender blossom, juicy pear and bright bergamot. The heart reveals a sweet coconut creaminess with indulgent praline and vanilla orchid wrapping you in velvety femininity. Finally, sensual musks and creamy blonde woods provide a soft and sensual base.

Top Notes

The top notes provide an initial burst of freshness with juicy pear, lavender blossom and bergamot. The juicy pear adds fruity sweetness, while the lavender blossom contributes a delicate floralcy. Bergamot provides a touch of brightness with its sparkling citrus scent.

Middle Notes

As the fragrance develops, the middle notes reveal a more gourmand side. Crème de coconut contributes a rich, velvety creaminess reminiscent of sunscreen at the beach. Praline adds a tasty touch of sugary, buttery nuttiness. Finally, the vanilla orchid provides a feminine floral note with its sweet, warm vanilla tones.

Base Notes

The base notes create a soft, sensual foundation for the scent. Creamy blonde woods evoke a smooth, mellow woody character, while the sensual musks add a hint of skin-like warmth. Together, the base notes envelop you in an addictive trail of scent that persists on skin.

Overall Scent

This Ariana Grande body mist is decidedly feminine, sweet and creamy. It’s a youthful fragrance that conjures images of sunshine, beaches and fluffy white clouds in the sky. The fruits, florals and gourmand nuances blend seamlessly to create an effortlessly pretty perfume.

Usage Tips

Mist liberally over pulse points like the wrists, neck and décolletage
For extra fragrance, spray into hair and clothing
Reapply throughout the day to refresh scent
Layer with other Ariana Grande Cloud products for enhanced fragrance

Key Notes

Top notes: Lavender Blossom, Juicy Pear, Bergamot

Middle notes: Crème de Coconut, Indulgent Praline, Vanilla Orchid

Base notes: Sensual Musks, Creamy Blonde Woods


The Ariana Grande Cloud body mist comes in a chic rounded glass bottle with an atomizer spray nozzle. The bottle features Ariana’s signature cloud logo in silver and white. A convenient plastic cap protects the spray nozzle for spill-free portability.

About the Designer

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter and actress known for her powerful four-octave vocal range. She launched her first fragrance in 2015, Ari by Ariana Grande. Her line of fragrances has expanded to include Cloud, Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy and God is a Woman. Ariana Grande fragrances are designed to reflect different facets of her personality.


Treat yourself to a heavenly escape with Ariana Grande’s Cloud Eau de Parfum Body Mist. This deliciously feminine fragrance will leave you smelling sweet and oh so pretty. The beautiful scent profile and versatile mist application make it the perfect addition to your fragrance wardrobe.


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