Ardell Naturals False Eyelash Multipack #110 – Natural Yet Noticeable Lashes for Everyday Wear


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Get ready to bat those lashes and wow with the Ardell Naturals False Eyelash Multipack #110. These natural-looking strip lashes add subtle length and volume for bright, eye-opening beauty that works for any occasion.

The delicate, layered design of the Ardell Naturals #110 strip lashes creates fluttery, lush lashes that look like your own – only better. These falsies enhance your natural beauty with their soft, feather-light feel and appearance. It’s an instant eyelash upgrade without the dramatic falsie look.

Natural-Looking Lashes That Make Eyes Pop

You want gorgeous lashes that get you noticed, but still look like you. That’s exactly what you’ll get with these Ardell natural strip lashes. The multiple fine layers and carefully crafted wispy design adds length, fullness and lift that complements your natural lashes beautifully.

These falsies give you:

  • A natural, flirty fringe that’s perfect for daylight wear
  • Subtle volume and curl that brightens eyes
  • Soft, lightweight strips that are comfortable for all-day wear
  • Customizable fullness when layered for a special occasion

The Ardell Naturals #110 lashes are ideal for:

  • Everyday wear – to work, school, or weekend activities
  • A touch of glam for date nights and nights out
  • All face shapes and eye sizes

Let these natural-looking lashes work their magic, whether you’re running errands or enjoying a night on the town. Say hello to wide awake, dazzling eyes!

Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty-Free Lash Strands

You can feel good knowing that Ardell only uses the highest quality materials and maintains ethical production standards. Each soft lash strand is made from sterilized human hair.

The entire manufacturing process is strictly cruelty-free. Ardell never tests products or ingredients on animals. Their commitment to ethical beauty products lets you enhance your eyes with care and confidence.

Invisible, Flexible Lash Band

The Ardell Naturals #110 lashes feature an ultra-fine, transparent band that’s easy to apply and blends in seamlessly. The transparent band disappears against your lash line, creating barely-there fringe.

The flexible lash band keeps these falsies comfortably in place from morning to night. It gently flexes with your natural lashes, so you can flaunt flirty fringe with no slipping or irritation.

The invisible band also makes application a breeze, even for lash newbies. Small gaps or slight misalignment with the transparent band are practically undetectable. You’ll have these soft wispy lashes on and looking amazing in just minutes!

Reusable Multipack for Extended Value

Get more beautiful bang for your buck with this multipack of Ardell’s beloved Naturals #110 eyelashes. Each pack contains 5 reusable sets of #110 lashes so you can enjoy them again and again.

With proper care, the supple lash bands and unharmed strands can be worn up to 10-15 times. Follow the included instructions to gently remove adhesive after each wear. Store your lashes in the protective case to prevent damage between uses.

Being able to reuse these comfortable falsies helps your lashes look fab longer for less. Keep a spare set on hand whenever you need an instant eye lift!

Waterproof All-Day Wear You Can Count On

Ardell’s latex adhesive keeps these lightweight lashes securely in place no matter what your day brings. Rain or shine, these waterproof wispy lashes stay put.

The latex-free, fast-drying adhesive is specially formulated to be smudge-free and flake-free. There’s no need to worry about irritation, discomfort or your lashes slipping off. Just apply as directed for dependable, long-lasting wear.

You can head out the door with confidence knowing your eyes will stay primped to perfection. The Ardell Naturals #110 lashes live up to the brand’s reputation for premium quality and performance.

Flaunt Your Best Features with Ardell

For over 50 years, Ardell has perfected the art of beautiful, accessible false lashes. Their expertise in crafting flattering designs and innovative formulas makes Ardell the trusted brand worldwide.

Experience the Ardell difference with these everyday falsies! The Naturals Multipack #110 Lashes give your eyes an enviable enhancement. Maximize your natural beauty with Ardell.


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