Ardell Natural False Eyelashes, Short Everyday Lashes for Natural Look, 6 Pairs


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Unlock the power of your eyes and achieve striking yet natural-looking lashes with this value multipack from Ardell. This collection includes 6 pairs (5 full pairs + 1 bonus pair) of Ardell’s best-selling Natural 110 falsies for flawless eye-opening effects.

Spice up your makeup routine and achieve an enhanced, wide-eyed look with these beautifully wispy lashes. Their staggered lengths mimic real eyelashes, with shorter lashes towards the inner and outer corners that gradually lengthen towards the centers. The fluttery, fanned-out design creates a brightening, eye-lifting curvature while still looking soft and natural.

Ardell’s ultra-lightweight invisible band technology provides undetectable wear that’s gentle on your lash line. The thin, flexible bands adhere securely and comfortably to amplify your natural lashes seamlessly. There’s no poke or pinch, just feather-soft fibers that feel like an extension of your own lashes.

The cruelty-free, handmade lashes are crafted from glossy synthetic fibers to balance volume with natural movement. The tapered ends blend invisibly with your real lashes to emphasize your eyes for both day and night. Achieve enhanced eyes in just seconds – no need for lash extensions or mascara touch-ups throughout the day.

How to Apply:

Start by measuring the lash band against your natural lash line to find the ideal fit. Trim the outer ends if needed for optimal alignment.

Use lash adhesive (not included) to coat the underside of the lash band and wait 30 seconds for it to become sticky. Look down into a mirror and gently press the strip along your upper lash line until it adheres, keeping your eyes closed for 30 seconds.

The secure, flexible band will hold the lashes in place all day long. No need to re-apply! To remove, gently peel off the strip from the outer corner. Use oil-based makeup remover to dissolve any remaining adhesive before reusing the lashes.

With proper care, these handmade falsies can be worn up to 10-15 times. Never pull the lashes to avoid damage. Always apply and remove gently by holding the lash band only. Store unused pairs in the original packaging to prevent bending.

Amp up your natural eyes safely and affordably with this lash enhancing multipack. The staggered lengths and wispy fibers create a fanned-out, eye-opening effect while the tapered ends blend seamlessly with your real lashes. Get ready to enhance your eyes for any occasion with these easy, natural-looking falsies!

What’s Included:

5 Full Pairs of Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes in Natural 110 Black
1 Bonus Pair of Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes in Natural 110 Black

  • Mimics natural lashes with graduated lengths & feather-light fibers
  • Undetectable thin lash band flexes & adheres securely to lash line
  • Soft, wispy fibers blend seamlessly with your natural lashes
  • Lightweight design for unrestricted comfort & movement all day
  • Cruelty-free & handmade from glossy synthetic fibers
  • Eye-brightening, wide-eyed effect complements both day & night looks

Ditch mascara touch-ups and opt for effortless, eye-enhancing effects with this Ardell best-seller multipack. The tapered, demi-wispy lengths create natural-looking fullness suitable for both everyday wear and glam occasions.

Achieve flawless eyes in seconds with these easy-to-apply falsies made with vegan-friendly fibers. The thin lash bands flex for pinch-free wear while the staggered lengths brighten your gaze with youthful eye-opening effects.

Enhance your natural beauty affordably with this lash essential. Open up your eyes and amplify your makeup looks with Ardell’s best-selling natural demi wispies – now available in a value multipack!

How to Care for your Lashes:

  • Apply and remove gently using only the lash band
  • Store in original packaging to retain shape when not in use
  • Avoid pulling on the fibers which can cause damage
  • Trim to fit your eyes for optimal alignment and comfort
  • Use oil-based makeup remover to dissolve adhesive for easy reuse
  • Replace lash adhesive frequently for best adhesion

Experience the eye-brightening magic of false lashes with this must-have multipack from Ardell! The Natural 110 demi-wispy style enhances eyes for both day and night while feeling weightless and comfortable. Open up your gaze with these easy-to-apply lashes made for everyday wear.


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