Ardell Natural False Eyelashes 110 Black – Your New Everyday Glam Secret


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Get ready to enhance your natural beauty effortlessly with the Ardell Natural False Eyelashes 110 Black 5-pack. These soft, feathery lashes are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for a subtly glamorous everyday look.

Flaunt Fuller, Feathered Lashes from Morning to Night

Ardell Natural 110 lashes feature a lightweight, wispy design perfect for opening up your eyes and adding natural-looking fullness and length to your lashes. Unlike dramatic, obviously fake lashes, these falsies are meant to enhance your natural beauty, not obscure it behind a mask of over-the-top faux lashes.

With five pairs in each pack, you can wear these falsies every day without worrying about running out. They’re easy to apply and comfortable to wear from your morning coffee run to evening cocktails with friends. Unlike strip lashes with a thick, dark lash band, the 110s offer a more seamless blend with your natural lashes that looks like you were simply blessed with a head-turning flutter.

100% Cruelty-Free for Guilt-Free Glam

You can feel good about choosing Ardell lashes, knowing no animals were harmed in making these high-quality falsies. Ardell is committed to providing beauty lovers with premium vegan and cruelty-free lashes you can wear with confidence.

The lightweight, sterilized synthetic hairs are designed to gently hug your natural lash line, adhering securely to lash glue without tugging or causing irritation to your delicate eye area. The flexible lash band disappears against your lash line once applied so all eyes are on your gorgeous falsies, not the lash strip.

Featherlight Natural Lashes for All Eyes

Ardell 110 lashes look great on all eye shapes, sizes and colors. Their lightweight wispy design helps open up the eyes for a bright, wide-eyed effect while adding subtle fullness and length.

Those with smaller eyes or close-set shapes will appreciate how these lashes enhance your eyes without overpowering your features or looking obviously fake. For those with larger, deeper-set or widely spaced eyes, the 110s add balance and fullness while still looking fluttery and feminine.

No matter your natural lash length, thickness or curl pattern, these falsies blend with your unique lash line for a seamless enhancement.

How to Apply Ardell Natural 110 Lashes

Applying false lashes takes a bit of practice but it’s easier than you think! Follow these steps for flawless Ardell 110 lash application:

Step 1: Use lash glue and wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky before applying lashes. Too-wet glue causes slipping and mess.

Step 2: Measure the lash band against your eye to find the best fit. Trim band if too long using sharp scissors.

Step 3: Hold lash strip with tweezers in the center and rest against your lash line. Press into place at the center first, then outer and inner corners.

Step 4: Hold lashes in place for 60 seconds until glue is fully bonded. Run fingers gently over lash band to ensure all edges are adhered.

Step 5: Apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with the falsies. And you’re done! Flaunt your flirty fluttery falsies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Ardell 110 lashes last?

With proper care, a single pair can last 10-15 wears or up to 4 weeks. Avoid waterproof mascara and oil-based makeup removers which break down the glue faster.

Can you sleep in Ardell 110 lashes?

It’s not recommended. The delicate lash band can warp and the glued bond can weaken overnight while sleeping. Apply fresh each day for best results.

How do you clean Ardell false lashes?

Use lash cleaner or gentle soap and water to remove makeup buildup. Let air dry completely before storing to avoid bacteria growth.

Can I reuse Ardell 110 lashes?

Yes, with lash adhesive you can reuse a single pair multiple times. Make sure to fully remove old glue before reapplying. The band will wear out eventually after repeated regluing.

Your New Go-To Natural Lash Enhancer

Enjoy flirty, feathered lashes any day of the week with Ardell Naturals 110 False Lashes 5-Pack. The wispy, lightweight design adds subtle fullness and eye-opening enhancement without looking costumey or over the top. Bat those lashes and get ready to turn heads!


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