Ardell Natural Babies Black False Eyelashes, Petite and Beautiful


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Give your eyes an effortlessly beautiful boost with the Ardell Natural Babies Black False Eyelashes. These high quality false lashes are designed to enhance your natural beauty by adding subtle length, thickness and volume to your natural lashes. Whether you’re creating a delicate eye look for a special event or just want to amp up your natural eye shape for everyday wear, these falsies are perfect for creating a naturally gorgeous wide-eyed effect.

The Ardell Natural Babies eyelashes feature a graduated, rounded lash style that tapers from shorter to longer lashes towards the outer corners. This creates a bright, wide-eyed appearance that looks like your own lashes enhanced. The soft, fluttery style is versatile enough for both day and night wear, adding the perfect natural boost of lushness to your eyes for any occasion.

Applying the Natural Babies falsies takes just seconds and can be done by lash novices and pros alike. The invisible lash band is slim and flexible, curving to fit your natural lash line with ease. Just hold the lash strip up to your eye to check the fit and trim if needed. Then simply bend the lash band around your finger into a curved C-shape which allows the lashes to effortlessly conform along your lashline. Apply a thin bead of latex-free lash glue along the lash band and wait 20-30 seconds for it to get tacky before applying. Then gently press the falsies down on your natural lashes from corner to corner to secure the band in place. The slim flexible band and tapered lash design allows the falsies to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for a perfect application every time.

Ardell only uses the highest quality materials and expertise to handcraft these falsies to perfection. The soft synthetic hair strands are knotted and feathered by hand for flawless uniformity and a natural graduated effect. The invisible lash bands are comfortable and flexible to provide the perfect hold and seamless blend with your natural lashes. And because the Ardell falsies are made without latex, you can enjoy extended wear for up to 6 weeks with proper lash care.

To get the longest lasting wear from your Natural Babies falsies, be sure to gently clean the lashes and your eyelids daily to remove makeup, oils and debris that can build up. Use lash-safe makeup remover and gentle soap and water to cleanse the lashes and lash line. Allow your falsies to air dry completely before storing them back on the original tray and box after each use. This helps maintain the flexibility of the band and the soft feathered texture of the lashes. With proper care, you can enjoy your gorgeous wide-eyed Ardell falsies again and again!

Give your lashes a fluttery boost with the beautiful Ardell Natural Babies Black False Eyelashes today! These professionally designed and handcrafted falsies are perfect for creating naturally fuller, longer lashes with a delicate eye-opening effect. See why lash lovers around the world rely on the Ardell brand for the highest quality falsies that are comfortable, reusable and enhance your eyes perfectly.


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