Ardell Naked Lashes 420 – Nude Fake Eyelashes for a Soft, Natural Look


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Flaunt those peepers with the new Ardell Naked Lashes 420! These gorgeous nude falsies give you a soft, natural look perfect for day or night. Get ready to wow with wispy, feathery lashes that enhance your eyes beautifully.

The Naked Lashes 420 have a lightweight, airy feel so you’ll barely notice you have falsies on. But oh, what a difference they make! These lashes add subtle length and volume for bright, wide-awake eyes. It’s like an instant eye lift without any drastic changes.

These natural-looking lashes are just what you need for:

  • Everyday wear – Look polished and put-together for work, school, or running errands
  • Lunch dates – Make those baby blues sparkle across the table
  • Girls’ night out – Flirt the night away with fluttery lashes
  • Day weddings or events – Be picture-perfect in photos with a soft, romantic vibe

The Naked Lashes 420 may give you come-hither eyes, but the feathery light strips feel like you have nothing on at all! The flexible cotton band hugs your lash line smoothly with an undetectable look. No more poking or itchy strips.

You’ll also love how easy Ardell’s knot-free Invisiband technology makes application. The invisible lash band blends right in with your natural lashes for a seamless effect. Even your date won’t know your long lashes are faux!

Get All-Day Wear with Ardell Quality

Ardell has been Hollywood’s go-to lash brand for over 70 years, so you know their falsies are top-notch. The Naked Lashes 420 are made from premium materials for durable, reusable lashes that will last for multiple wears.

Each quad comes with 4 pairs of full, fluffy lashes. Take them everywhere in the convenient portable packaging. Slip them in your purse for instant glam on-the-go.

With proper care, you can get over 20 uses out of each pair! Follow these tips for longer lash life:

  • Use latex-free glue and gently remove after wear
  • Handle lashes by the band only
  • Store lashes in the original case away from moisture, heat, and sunlight

Love Your Lashes in Comfort

The Naked Lashes 420 are designed with your comfort in mind. The ultra-light cotton band prevents pinching or pressure on your lids. No need to sacrifice comfort for beauty!

Ardell lashes are also 100% cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your glam. They’re made in the USA without any harsh chemicals.

Experience the Ardell Difference

Treat yourself to the natural glam the Ardell Naked Lashes 420 provide. Their lightweight strips and knot-free band make application a breeze. These reusable lashes will take your eyes to new heights!

Switch up your look in seconds. Go from plain Jane to total bombshell whenever you want. Bat those faux flutterers with confidence at work, on a big date, girls’ night out, or any time you want to amp up your eye game.

Join generations of beauty buffs who swear by Ardell’s quality lashes. Invest in the Naked Lashes 420 quad for the perfect mix of comfort, natural style, and reusable value.

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