Ardell Naked Lash 421 False Eyelashes – Lightweight And Natural-Looking False Lashes For A Fluttery, Wide-Eyed Look


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Get ready to make your eyes pop with the Ardell Naked Lash 421 false eyelashes! These lush and lightweight lashes are designed to give your eyes a naturally enhanced, wide-open look perfect for both day and night.

Fluttery Yet Understated

The Naked Lash 421 eyelashes feature a wispy, fluttery volume that is noticeable yet understated. The longer fibers in the center of the lash band help lift and open up the eyes for a bright, wide-eyed look, while the slightly shorter lashes on the outer corners provide just the right amount of fullness without being over the top. The extra lightweight feel of these falsies means you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

Seamless, Natural-Looking Enhancement

Crafted with a tapered length and graduated thickness, these false eyelashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes to look like an extension of them. The invisible band technology allows the strip to fuse with your lash line for an imperceptible blend every time. Add a touch of mascara and no one will know they’re fake!

Versatile For Both Day And Night

The Naked Lash 421 falsies are ideal for every occasion, from day to night. Wear them during the day for enhanced eyes that still look natural. Then amp it up with smokier eye makeup for evenings out. The lightweight fibers move seamlessly with your natural lashes and won’t look overly dramatic.

Secure, Comfortable Fit

Ardell’s signature invisible band on the Naked Lash 421 strip is ultra-flexible and comfortable to wear. It creates a secure connection to your natural lash line so you’ll have no worries about the falsies coming loose or falling off. The undetectable band hugs your lash line smoothly with no discomfort.

Enhance Your Eyes Beautifully With These Must-Have Falsies!

The Ardell Naked Lash 421 multipack gives you 4 pairs of these lush, lightweight lashes for plenty of wear. Open up your eyes and add fluttery fullness with these easy-to-apply and unbelievably comfortable false eyelashes. They’re great for both natural daytime wear and amped up evening glam.

How To Apply The Naked Lash 421:

Ensure eyes are clean and free of all makeup, oil, and debris
Apply lash glue (not included) evenly along the lash band and wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky
Tilt your head back slightly and use tweezers to place the center of the lash strip right at the base of your natural lashes
Gently press down on the lash band from the center outward to secure the ends in place
Hold for 30 seconds until fully bonded
Apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with the falsies
Ensure gentle removal at the end of wear to avoid pulling out natural lashes
Caring For Your Naked Lashes 421:

Store in the included plastic case away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight to preserve the fibers
Use sharp, precision-tip tweezers when handling to avoid damage
Clean gently by brushing off loose particles after each use
Do not expose to oil, creams, or waterproof makeup which can deteriorate the band
With proper care, your Naked Lash 421 falsies can be worn up to 10-15 times! Add flattering fullness to your natural lashes easily and beautifully with thesemust-have falsies from Ardell. Order the 4 pack today and open up your eyes with lightweight volume!


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